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For more then ten years I’ve been posting to my website almost daily on weekdays. There were periods of time where I would post twice a day, and sometimes I post on the weekends. Basically I have rarely ever taken a long break or posted less than 4-5 times a week in the past ten years.

Usually January and February are slow months in my industry, but this year is proving to be anything but. I’m beyond happy to be busy with projects, a little overwhelmingly so at the moment, and have a few things to share with you about it all.

First off, I’m sure you’ve all noticed over the years that I put a lot of time, effort, and thought into my posts here. Even the occasional product roundup, trust me, I’ve poured over if all the colors work together, and went through way too many websites to find just the perfect thing. Even my blogger friends have told me to stop spending so much time on certain things. So if I’m not posting here daily, it’s only because I want to put out the best for you.

So here’s what’s going on:


One reason I’m a little overwhelmed, this week in particular, is that after four years I’ve decided to close my Georgetown Studio. I’ll have a post all about it this week but that means I’ll be physically packing up and moving out of it and having to repaint it, which is basically taking up a lot of mental energy (and giving me a little anxiety), not to mention taking up two full days this week.


In addition to the move, I’ve teamed up with some friends to do one last hurrah at the studio and have a big STUDIO SALE. It’s this Tuesday, February 27, 2018, from 2-7 pm. Me and four of my local friends will be bringing in a ton of clothes, shoes, accessories, and home items at really good prices, plus some freebies, so if you have time, stop by 3417 M St. NW (in Georgetown). We are just a few doors down from Pie Sisters. See some sneak peeks on my Instagram before the sale.


In addition to a bunch of large projects and new client proposals I am working on, I am also teaching another Instagram class tonight! It sold out very quickly, so we just added another class on April 2. You can get the info and a ticket to the April 2 class here.


If that wasn’t enough, I have book club this week and — completely out of character — I haven’t even started the book and honestly don’t know when I’ll have time to start/finish it in the next two days so I might just be attending for the friends and wine.

Hope you all are having a wonderful February (how is it almost March)!?!


Photo by Emma Weiss