Cleaning Out My Closets

I’m up to my ears in packing paper and bubble wrap! Next week I’m moving to DC, and I’m trying to get as much packing done as early as I can so I can hang out with friends and family the last few days I’m here. What I love about moving is that you have the opportunity to give yourself a fresh start. Do a deep clean of your clothes and belongings. I’ve been donating, selling or trashing probably 1/3 to 1/2 of my clothing and shoes. You might be thinking, WHOA that’s a lot. But I have a few things I remind myself while going through my belongings that helps me pare it down. It’s amazing how much you can part with! I’ll post a pare down guide soon!
I needed some closet inspiration and these images from the closet of Tracy Taylor, U.S. Editor of came to mind. They are from The Coveteur, if you haven’t heard of The Coveteur you simply must subscribe! Designer Erin Kleinberg and stylist Stephanie Mark take you into some of the most amazing closets while photographer Jake Rosenberg captures the photos.
Many more photos and details about all of the items at The Coveteur.