Closet Renovation Reveal

Small Reach-In Closet Renovation

You know when you get an idea in your head, you do it, and it turns out exactly like you envisioned it. Better even! Well, that’s what happened with my small reach-in closet.

When my husband and I bought our house last year, we agreed that he could have the larger closet in the master bedroom because (we both knew) I would be taking over the second bedroom as my closet/home office. So I would use that closet in the second bedroom, even though it is smaller.

I knew we would renovate the closet at some point but I hadn’t come up with the perfect solution until my “room” was just getting a little too crazy messy and neither of us could handle it, so we decided to tackle the closet project.

In this post I’m going to show you the final closet and tell you a little bit about it. I will do another post with before & after photos and all of the specific details of how we (mostly my husband) built the new closet out.

I have to tell you that you might think I have a lot of clothes because of my job, but I actually don’t. I don’t shop much, and I’m really good at paring down my wardrobe regularly. I’m actually doing another clean out from what you see in these photos because I don’t wear half of these clothes either!

In addition to this closet, I have a small dresser that I keep undergarments, workout clothes, and loungewear in. I also keep most of my coats in my husband’s closet since his clothes don’t even take up half of it. And I have one shelf of handbags and clutches that you don’t see in these photos, but that is literally it. Plus a few pairs of tennis shoes and winter/rain boots at the front door.

I love fashion, but not only can I not afford my designer taste most of the time, I just don’t need a ton of clothes. I don’t go to a ton of fancy events, I work for myself, and honestly I spend most of my time in either workout clothes, loungewear, jeans, or my “painting clothes” (clothes that have paint on them).

Prior to the renovation, the closet was just one long shelf and bar. That’s it. The vertical space was not utilized, the shelf and bar were so old that they were about to fall down at any moment (I was just waiting for a crash in the middle of the night!), and I couldn’t reach half of my clothes that were pushed into the sides of the closet that I couldn’t see.

I wasn’t using about 1/4 of the bar space, so when we redesigned the closet and put the bars in the sides, I lost about a 1/4 of the bar space — but I knew I didn’t need it.

Keep scrolling, I’ll explain and link to things as they are shown in the photos. But stay tuned for the Before & After post for all the nitty gritty details!

Small Reach-In Closet Renovation // Meg Biram

I wanted a shelf in my closet for pants, sweaters, shoes and/or bags. Because the closet is narrow, I knew I would need a shallow shelf with open sides, otherwise it would be really hard to reach in and access my clothing on the sides. I didn’t want to do a renovation and make it just as hard to reach all of my clothing. I searched for hours on every furniture website looking for the perfect shelf, and I found it. It’s the wall-mounted bookshelf at CB2. It comes in two colors and two sizes. I got the shorter white one.

This bookshelf is super easy to put together and is literally only two screws into the wall. It took longer to get it out of the box than to put it together and screw into the wall. I do recommend getting at least one screw into a stud for stability.

Meg Biram // Small Reach-In Closet Renovation

Wearing: T by Alexander Wang dress (similar, similar); AllSaints Papin Leather Moto Jacket (similar, similar on a budget, similar with studs); similar black heels.

Reach-In Closet Renovation // Meg Biram

Shoes in White Closet // Meg Biram

White Closet // Meg Biram

Closet Renovation // Meg Biram

Stacks of Sweaters

CB2 Shelf in Closet Renovation

Closet Renovation

Meg Biram in Rag & Bone Hat

Neutral Sweaters // Meg Biram

Shoes on Shelf // Closet Renovation

Meg Biram's Small Reach-In Closet Renovation

Handbags // Closet Renovation

Shoe Shelf

My husband built the top shelf and installed everything. All the wood and support wood for the shelf and the three bars are from Lowe’s. He meticulously measured the closet, we drew out the specs, and he had them cut the pieces of wood there in the store. He installed everything himself. It was all already white, but I touched up some spots that got roughed up during installation.

Closet Renovation Details

Closet Renovation Details

Matisse Woman Reading print.

Small Closet Renovation Details

Small Closet Renovation Details

I have black non-slip hangers, and I used these stacking shoe boxes to utilize all of the vertical space (lids are separate because if you stack them you only need a lid for the top one). I used them for my flats, but you could also get the tall shoe box for your heels. I have room for more shoe bins up on the top shelf, but I probably shouldn’t accumulate any more shoes until I get rid of some that I have…

I wanted shoe boxes that were open so that I could just take the shoes out of them without having to take the box down and open it. I can get two layers of short shoe boxes with a heel on top if it’s not too high of a heel.

Small Closet Renovation Details

Hooks in Reach-In Closet Renovation

I got four hooks for the sides of the bookshelf. I knew there would be some unused wall space and in a small home (with not a lot of closet/storage) you have to utilize every inch! So I knew these hooks (called the Lusso Hooks, these are similar hooks as well) would come in handy for hats and bags.

Reach-In Closet Renovation // Meg Biram

Sweaters and Handbag

Shoe Shelf // Closet Renovation

Washington DC Closet Renovation // Meg Biram

Washington DC Reach-In Closet Renovation // Meg Biram

Washington DC Small Closet Renovation // Meg Biram

Stay tuned for another post, with before & after photos and specific details about how and why we did the closet this way!

Washington DC Small Closet Renovation // Meg Biram

Photos by Emma Weiss