speaking engagements

I’ve got to be completely honest with you — I love speaking at conferences. For many reasons.

For one, watching other inspiring people share their story or give advice energizes me (hello TED talks!). It’s almost always inspiring and kicks me into high gear when I get back to work. I’ve spoken on and moderated other panels at ALT Summit, DC Week, American University’s Social Learning Summit, George Washington University’s Women in Business Conference, IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) Conference, and given numerous Blog Biz Buzz and GSD seminars (new seminars in the pipeline). So basically — I like to talk. But not just talk, I love to help others learn about their industry and see what they can do to help themselves. Whether that’s by telling my story about how I’ve gotten to where I am, how to navigate social media, ideas of for online marketing, I love it all. And I can talk, for hours.

Which brings me to two conferences I’ll be speaking at this August. I wanted to tell you about them because you might not know about them, and they may be something you’d want to look into attending if you are interested.

Go Blog Social — Kansas City — August 3 
I’ll be speaking on Personal Branding and Strategy. This 3-day conference is filled with great panels. If you live in the Midwest and have never been able to travel to a conference, now there’s one near you! No more FOMO! Get a ticket HERE.

Business of Yoga Conference — Washington D.C. — August 9
This conference is exciting to me because it’s different than any other I’ve been a part of. I’ll be speaking about Living Your Brand to yoga studio owners — and since I love yoga, this should be fun and interesting!

I also want to chat with you a little about my seminars. I’ve given lots of Blog Biz Buzz seminars, and a GSD seminar. Many of you have emailed me about when the next ones will happen — and I’m happy to tell you that they will be coming back this fall. They will be evolving a little, but in a great way! Stay tuned for more information. But if you can’t wait for info, you can contact me about a personal consulting session or check out some cocktails and shots over at The B Bar.

I absolutely love sharing my experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained over the past decade. If you attend one of these conferences, please come say hi — and no, it’s not weird — I’d love to meet you!

Was there a conference, panel, speech, or video that moved you? What do you look for when you attend things like this? What would you want to know if you were attending one of the conferences I’ll be speaking at?