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I’ve been up to NYC a few times this month for trade shows (you may have seen pics on my Instagram). Like San Francisco and L.A., New York City has a lot of healthy eating options. My friend Jessie usually knows where they all are, so on my last trip when she suggested a place called Pure Food & Wine (I took the photo above there), I was excited. I needed to eat some greens. Usually when I go to NYC I lose all ability to eat healthy and I just go with what’s around when I’m starving or wherever people suggest. Which is fine because I love to try new places, but I always wish there was a “green juice in NYC” app so I could find places that have fresh green juice no matter what area of NYC I’m in, so I can get my daily greens even though I’m usually eating and drinking with reckless abandon (does this app exist?).

Then I thought, man if Starbucks just added a juicer and some fresh juices to their offering, I’d literally buy stock as I know I would double my current monthly bill there. I mean, how awesome would be it for Starbucks — which is everywhere — to offer fresh green juice! I would die! Well, obviously they were one step ahead of me, as literally a few weeks after I tweeted something about how awesome it would be if Starbucks started offering green juice, they had Evolution Fresh juices in stores (Starbucks owns Evolution Fresh) — prayers answered. I do however wish I could customize my juice, and would prefer it juiced fresh right in front of me, but obviously this is a great solution (as long as they have Sweet Greens and Lemon in stock)!

Obviously the phrase “you are what you eat” can sound a bit harsh, but I’m not talking about your soul here people so move on.

Yesterday I read a post by Jill Coleman — 6 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Fat. It was posted on Facebook by my prior CrossFit trainer in Kansas City and she always posts interesting health info, so I clicked through to read it. So many things in the post resonated with me. I personally think a lot of most people make excuses for things in their life, for why their life it isn’t what they want, etc., so I loved Jill’s tough love writing style.

Every girl (and guy) no matter HOW skinny or toned, can usually find something they don’t love about their body, or some part they want to work on, etc. Basically, no matter how skinny or fat, I’d say that the majority of people want to change something about their body — mostly in the way of losing weight, gaining muscle, or toning. Yes yes, you should love who you are, blah blah, but I think it’s great to always strive to be the healthiest version of yourself you can be (without getting too crazy obsessive about it).

You should read the entire post here, but here are some parts I thought were worth pointing out in Jill’s post:

There is no “dieting,” there’s only eating.

Weight training changes the shape of the body, but fat loss happens in the kitchen.

The reality is that what you think and say out loud about your fat loss process is exactly what you get. Think eating healthy is hard? Think it sucks? Well, you won’t be surprised then, when you experience just that. Think you have no time to exercise? Then you certainly won’t find time with that mindset. Think your body is disgusting? That’s a choice you are making to see it that way. Someone else may look at your physique and kill for it. Your attitude determines your reality–bottom line. If you can change your attitude about the fat loss process, you can change your experience of it.

Take 100% responsibility for everything. Stop blaming other people, circumstances, your busy schedule or your lack of knowledge. If you don’t know something, go find it on the web; you’re 2 clicks away. Stop complaining and start taking action.

The bottom line is that, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” (Tony Robbins) You don’t need to drastically change things up all at once, but you do need to change something.

Bottom line? Start owning your process. Start telling yourself the truth. And start being (even more) patient. When you see this process as a never-ending education in you, there is nothing to “give up” on. There is only you, the food, the workouts and TIME. The secret to fat loss is that there is no secret. Just hard work, commitment, consistency and introspection along the way. Don’t give up, simply move through rough patches and keep on keeping on.

(All italic above written by Jill Coleman in this post).

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I feel like a lot of people don’t realize how much what you eat affects your body. Working out is great and necessary, but so much of a toned healthy body has to do with food! Personally, I still eat pizza (a lot), use half-n-half in my coffee (none of that fat free crap), and eat frozen goodies of all kinds (currently I’m obsessed with Magnum bars). I think eating these things (whatever your vices are) in moderation is the key.

I personally feel like we are in control of almost every situation in our lives. You choose to be here, do that, eat this, work there, etc. There are situations you can’t choose — you can’t choose your parents, or where you were born, and how you were raised, or if your spouse gets in a car accident, or if you get mugged. But you can change just about anything else … almost everything is a choice you make. If you choose to sacrifice something, for something or someone else, that is your choice to sacrifice what you really want. An example I always think about is when a co-worker of mine from a previous job said she had to work for X more years to pay for her son’s college education. I mentioned she didn’t have to, she could retire whenever she wanted, she just chose to stay (and complain) to pay for his college. I hope he was grateful, that is an amazing thing to do — to pay for your child’s entire college education. But that was her choice to do so rather than retire. I don’t think she appreciated my outlook on the situation but it’s true.

Ugh, I’m not a huge fan of meal planning, cooking, and concentrating so hard on food (not my thing) — but the food we eat is so important I know I personally need to spend more time planning out food (my initial reaction to typing that is — bleh — but now I have Jill in my head telling me to change my attitude about it).

In addition to food — so many of us have jobs where we are constantly sitting at a desk on a computer, and sitting all day every day, is so so so bad for us. For the past eight years, I’ve been working at a computer anywhere from 8 to 14 hours at least five days a week (yes, seriously). Combine all that sitting with just getting older in general, and I have seen my body change. Ahh! Time to get serious! 

For me, I was just sick of not hitting my goals for being more toned, so I decided to stop making excuses and just start doing the steps I needed to hit my goals (I’m still far from reaching my goals — but like Jill says — be patient as it takes time).

You know the people that accomplish their goals… they lose weight, or gain muscle, or have a toned body? Or maybe they’ve created their own successful business, or traveled the world? Ya, those people do whatever it takes to get accomplish their goal.

But it’s snowing and 35 degrees? They run anyway (I did while training for the Nike Women Half Marathon, and yes running in the snowy cold does suck — but it feels so good when you are done).

But I don’t have time, I have kids, I have a job! So get up earlier and pack your lunch or run before work. 

For example, yesterday I had a casual coffee meeting with a girl I had never met. She’s also into yoga, so I figured she wouldn’t mind if I showed up to our casual coffee in workout clothing. I wanted to fit a run in yesterday before it got hot, so I ran the 2.5 miles to the coffee shop. Now, showing up all sweaty is not ideal for me — I would have loved to put on a cute dress and use my new bag, but I chose to run there because I knew if I didn’t, I wouldn’t run that day. And instead of being put off by my sweaty workout clothing appearance, she said she was inspired to get herself a jogging stroller so she could run with her child.

Another example of doing what it takes to hit your goals — back in my early years of living in Kansas City as an adult, me and three of my college friends would go to “girls dinner” every Thursday. We usually went to the same restaurant, we even had our waiter. This “girls dinner” was always full of laughing and lots of martinis. After our boozy girls dinner one night, my husband just happened to be over at the house of one of my “girls dinner” gals (hanging with her husband). When he got home he said that when she came home she went out for a run. Now this is after we had each drank multiple martinis. I was shocked! HOW could she run after drinking 2 (or 3) martinis? And that was when I realized her dedication level to her health. It was a great insight and really inspired me. At some point our “girls dinners” morphed into yoga night. Not as much laughter, and obviously no more martinis, but seeing the transition in all of us wanting to do something active instead of just eating pasta and drinking was cool.

So, like Jill said, you have to start telling yourself the truth.

Be honest with yourself. Like real nitty-gritty honest. Maybe write down everything you eat and any exercise in a notebook, or use an app like My Fitness Pal. Yep, every piece of candy you take off that person’s desk at work…

Start owning your process (like Jill said)

And like Tony Robbins said, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” 

You can’t expect to see change if you never do anything differently. 

Stop talking about it. Start doing it.

Has anyone’s dedication to their healthy eating, exercise, or a goal in their life inspired you to make a change yourself?

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