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black allsaints jacket - alice and olivia dress

When brand challenges me to fill my cart with color, they have no idea that they are asking me to do something really challenging.

Over the past decade I’ve phased a lot of color out of my wardrobe and will sparingly bring it back in when a piece calls to me (like this striped dress and this pattern dress). So to fill my cart with color is a challenge! I’m very comfortable staying in my black & neutral color palette. Most of the color I introduce into my wardrobe are olive greens, shades of blush, and navy.

I don’t like to have too may clothes. My closet and dresser are already bursting at the seams, so anything that comes in, something else has to go out. Because of this I think very hard about what I bring into my home and closet. I simply have to love it. So I will search high and low, for hours, for the perfect item.

meg biram blue red white sweater

It was easier than I thought to fill my cart with color as eBay challenged me to do. With around 1.1 billion listings at any given time (billion with a B) it made it very easy to find a plethora of items that I wanted to add to my wardrobe.

During my challenge I ended up with three items (although I’m not done shopping!). All of the items I bought were used/vintage but I learned that 80% of the items on eBay are actually new. Personally, I think it’s the older items I really love eBay for. The things you can’t find anywhere else. The things you either search high and low for because they’ve been sold out for a year, or finding cool vintage items, or the things you stumble upon while perusing the site.

colorful alice and olivia dress

I bought all three items with the ‘Buy It Now’ button so there was no bidding. And all of my items came in a jiffy. I was sooooo excited to get them and see them in person!

shopping on ebay

So what were these three items and how did I find them?

First of all, I knew I wanted a plaid blazer for fall/winter. The one I was looking at (not on eBay) was over $300 and I just wasn’t willing to splurge on it. So my very first search was for plaid blazers.

I was shocked to find out that Pendleton, a company I know of for their blankets, has a very long history starting in the 1800s. They started making women’s apparel in 1949. I scored myself a vintage Pendleton blazer for $17. And lucky me — it fit like a glove! I couldn’t believe it! Vintage sizing can be really off. Mine is a vintage size 8, but I would say it’s more like a size 4 in modern sizing. I like the oversized fit, but if you are looking at vintage Pendleton blazers, don’t let the size throw you off. Read all of the measurements! I could have also worn a size or two smaller, but this size was perfect for the oversized look that is trendy right now.

meg biram - montreal sweater

Now, as you can see (below), the blazer is black and white. But there is a tiny stripe of yellow. Baby steps here.

pendelton jacket

The next thing I started searching for was a long lost dress that I regretted not buying when it was in stores. Since I had to think color this dress immediately came to mind.

It was actually more of a print that came in multiple items — an artsy Alice & Olivia print that came in a few different items. I vividly remember the full maxi skirt because it was in the window of the Alice & Olivia Georgetown store and I would walk by it regularly, ogling.

Then Michelle Obama wore the short skirt and top and I’m pretty sure everything in that print promptly sold out. I never got my hands on a piece with that print…until now. I actually didn’t even know the print came in a dress like the Arlen Silk Maxi but when I saw it on eBay in my size I couldn’t push ‘Buy It Now’ fast enough. It was easy to find, I just searched the brand Alice & Olivia and spotted the print.

The print is feels Bauhaus to me. Sort of like if Joan Miró and Piet Mondrian had a baby. Which is probably why I like it so much. To me the pattern itself was art. So finding it on eBay in my size was serendipitous.

meg biram - alice and olivia dress

The third thing I bought came out of my love for the Olympics. Something about the world coming together and competing in athletics just gets to me. I respect it. I love it.

I recently went to Lake Tahoe where the Olympics took place in Squaw Valley in 1960. I saw the vintage logo from that year and that inspired me to look for vintage Olympics merch on eBay for this project (and just because I wanted some).

In my search I quickly found that I loved the logo from the games in Montreal in 1976 and searched specifically for Vintage Montreal Olympics and found this amazing vintage sweater and knew it was mine. Items like this just don’t really exist in modern fashion or they are super expensive and new. Vintage is the way to go. This sweater was only $32 if you can believe that. Nowadays it would cost hundreds! I know, you totally want one now and are searching for vintage Olympics merch on eBay!

meg biram - montreal 1976 sweater

I’ve always loved finding vintage pieces but I rarely make it to vintage stores in person. Sad but true. Also I like to shop at weird hours and eBay is always open and you can so easily search for things vintage and new. I just think it’s a great place to find unique items and gifts.

Do you shop on eBay? What is your favorite eBay find?

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Photos by Emma Weiss

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