Cozy at Home

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meg biram - lou and grey cardigan

You really should never say never. Growing up I was always a summer girl. I definitely still live for warm days between 75-85 degrees, but the past few years I’ve actually looked forward to colder weather. I know, I know — who am I!?!

meg biram - heart tshirt

I dream of a crisp autumn day, and look forward to a snowy afternoon. In my mind, if it’s going to be cold, it might as well be snowing! While we do see some snow each winter in the DC area, it’s never enough for me. Come mid-February I’m over the cold and ready for spring, but this year we’ve had several warm snaps, and it hasn’t been really cold for long and I’m finding myself longing for a cold snowy weekend when there’s no reason to go outside.

meg biram - ivory sweater green tea

There’s one main thing about really cold weeks I enjoy (besides snow). It’s the excuse to stay at home, wrap up in warm sweaters and sweatpants, and do all things cozy. Being an avid reader, cold cozy afternoons in are some of my favorite times to read. Give me a cup of tea and I’m in heaven!

meg biram - reading

Lou & Grey basically specializes in cozy! I recently went to their location in the DC area at Tysons Corner Center and picked up some items to keep me warm. It’s one of those stores where everything fits and you want to buy it all! My dressing room was filled and I came home with the coziest items. I love that both sweaters I got aren’t just for cozy afternoons at home, but are perfect for work or going out and about during the day when I want to be warm but with style.

meg biram in bedroom


In these pics I’m wearing the Dolman Sweater with these Terry Tie Waist Pants, and the other outfit is this Frosty Cardigan, this Heart Patch Striped Linen Tee, and black leggings.


meg biram in ivory sweater

Even if I’m working from home with no plans to leave, I still like to look cute. If I have to answer the door, or walk the dog, I don’t want to be in raggy sweats, which is why I’ve gathered a plethora of loungewear over the years that is more than presentable.

meg biram nightstand



meg biram - reading cardigan

 meg biram - ivory sweater

meg biram - olive sweatpants

meg biram - reading on bed


Photos by Casey Crowe Taylor

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