Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman

Having just went to the Bahamas in April, I was yearning to get back to the gorgeous powdery beaches of the Caribbean. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of the Caribbean and Mexico. Not possible. Being in DC I can fairly easily get a flight to those gorgeous beaches and clear blue waters (I already want to go back).

In October I had the opportunity to get my Caribbean fix on a cruise with Princess Cruises. Grand Cayman was our first stop. Hello Grand Cayman, I love you.

It was the perfect day, hardly a cloud in the sky, not too hot. Just right. The excursion we were doing was in the afternoon and it was only an hour long, so we had the morning to explore. The infamous Seven Mile Beach wasn’t far from where we docked so we just decided to walk. About five minutes into that walk we thought, hmmm it’s hot, we should put on sunscreen (and maybe should have taken a cab).

On this walk we see a building with CROSSFIT painted on the side. My husband’s eyes lit up like “my people!” He was literally wearing a CrossFit t-shirt, the one you get after you’ve taken their course to be a CrossFit instructor, which he does on the side. We went in to check out the gym and say hi. CrossFit people are cool. They are super welcoming and friendly. Their next workout was in 45 minutes, so my husband said he’d come back for it.

We found the beach (for me) agreed on a meeting spot, and he went back to do the WOD (workout of the day). I was not about to workout when there was a gorgeous beach waiting for me to lay on. At first I just walked up and down to get some exercise and then me, Vogue, and the beach had a date. I’d like to go steady but that would require moving or getting a job as a flight attendant.

My husband came back wearing his new CrossFit 7 Mile tee. It’s a thing they do when you drop in to a different CrossFit, your fee to workout also gets you one of their t-shirts (usually). I think this was the highlight of his trip. Boys.

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Meanwhile I was soaking up the warm Caribbean sun and taking dips in the clear water. Ah the life.

After a little more time on the beach we were both starving and wanted to eat before our helmet dive excursion. We found a cute place right on the main drag called Coconut Joe’s.

feet in the sand on grand cayman

Coconut Joe's in Grand Cayman

It was the perfect spot outside in the shade with a bit of tree coverage. We ordered and when they came back with large ice waters for both of us, I noticed something a little off about mine. There was a frog in it. I didn’t look close enough to see if it was alive or not because at first I just thought it was a joke — one of those fake ice cubes with a plastic insect in it or something like that. So I pointed to the frog and looked at our waitress and said, “Is this a joke?” Seriously thinking it might be. The look on her face was horrified. She grabbed the water and gave it to the busboy and started apologizing profusely. Honestly I didn’t really care. I lived in Florida — there are bugs and frogs and lizards everywhere, and I could see how a frog could hop in an ice bin or something to that effect. And I was on Grand Cayman just having been on a gorgeous beach, so I was just really chill about the situation.

It didn’t bother me to continue eating there — I just didn’t drink the water. Another waitress came over and said all beer was on the house, so me and my husband ordered a beer. I wish we could have sat there longer and enjoyed a few more, but we had to get to our helmet dive.

drinks in grand cayman

I should have gotten a waterproof case for my iPhone for this trip, but have never heard that any of them actually work well, so I didn’t want to chance it. I ended up getting an underwater film camera for the helmet dive, and now have to figure out where to get it processed to so I can show you the photos (if they are any good)!

After the helmet dive (which I’ll do a post about if we get any good photos back) we had a few hours to kill before we had to be back on the boat. So we just went to a cool bar out on the water and had a few drinks. For the record, this particular drink was way too sweet for me and I ended up just drinking the local Cayman beer, which was really good.


Photos by Meg Biram

This post was done in partnership with Princes Cruises. All opinions are my own. For any of you wanting more info on cruising read here!