Do You Get Travel Anxiety?

Do You Get Travel Anxiety?

I’m not talking about the type of travel anxiety that has to do with planes or making it to the airport in time. I’m MUCH better about being on time and/or early nowadays when it comes to travel.

Planes never have freaked me out too much. I started flying when I was a kid and my parents made it fun. The statistics are just too hard to deny. You are MUCH more likely to die or get hurt in your car than on a plane. Which is why I grip the wheel in my car like an 80-year-old when I drive around the DC area. I’m pretty sure I get a gray hair and a wrinkle every time I drive here.

When there is more than just a little turbulence my heart does start to beat a little faster, but I try to zone out and read or watch a movie. Wrap myself in some sort of story or work that takes my mind off of where I am.

Back to travel anxiety. My travel anxiety is related to missing work time and the lead up to traveling.

When I know I’m going to be out of town a lot I get a little anxious about not having time to work. I don’t want to drop the ball on anything important, but when you travel a lot, it’s hard to keep it all straight. I must say that my anxiety is minor. I know when I’m having it, I’m pretty good at controlling it, and it doesn’t paralyze me or stop me. I know some people have serious anxiety that can be crippling. I don’t want to be over dramatic about mine, it’s there but I can deal with it.

It depends on what type of travel I’m doing, when I go to see family or on a trip with friends I really want to be present, ENJOY MY LIFE, and do a bit of digital detoxing. I am able to stay off my computer while spending time with friends and family, but I just get a little anxious about it before I go.

While I’m gone I might feel a little guilt, but then I remind myself that life is way too short to spend it all on your laptop and Instagram. And that quickly whips me out of any guilt.

When I’m on a press trip, it depends on how packed the trip is. Sometimes it’s back-to-back and you have no time to work, other times there’s enough free time to feel sane. It’s usually fun, but knowing a packed trip is coming up gives me a little anxiety.

I also get a little bit of anxiety about Hemingway. If my husband and I are both traveling and we have to find somewhere for Hemi to stay, I get anxiety over that as well. One night isn’t a big deal. A lot of people are fine with one night, or boarding him for a night is fine at this one place in DC that he’s been to before. But when it gets to 3+ nights, I get a little anxious about it for many reasons. Boarding gets expensive and after a night or two I just feel like he’d be pooped and not want to be there. And outdoor walks while boarding are extra so it’s just expensive. When he stays with friends I feel better because he likes to be with people, but I just don’t want those friends to get annoyed by him.

Sometimes when I have a lot of travel coming up, it just makes me a little anxious in general. I’m always more excited than anxious, but traveling can be expensive and that’s always in the back of my mind.

I do think traveling is worth it. I actually love to travel. You need to get outside of your normal day and experience new things and places and people. I think it’s such a rich experience to travel. Even if it’s just for a relaxing beach vacation, it can be so inspiring and restorative.

Do you get any travel anxiety? If so, what kind?


Photo by Emma Weiss