domino - eva chen office - lucky magazine 2

Well, it’s finally back. domino magazine that is. I haven’t been out to pick up the first issue yet, but will of course. To be honest, I was a little peeved about the two issues they released of old photography and priced it at $12 (but maybe that’s just because I already own and have kept every single issue). I am however, looking forward to new features & photography. I like the concept of their new site as well — each feature is shown in feature form, then you can click to view just the photos, and you can shop the feature. And to be even more honest (as a magazine major in college, and now blogger/digital journalist/designer/consultant) I think the site needs some help. It can still be approachable but be chic at the same time. Torn paper graphics — eek!

But beyond the few things that I think could be done better (maybe my expectations are too high?) — I’m eager to see what Michelle Adams does with it. The girl as sick taste (in my opinion) and I thought Lonny (which she created) was genius/amazing so I have full faith in her to run the new domino.

The first few features they have out online are impressive. The new EIC at Lucky Magazine — Eva Chen’s office (above and below, see the full feature on domino here). Again, being a magazine girl, I’m eager to see the evolution of Lucky while Eva is there. I’m sure it takes a few issues for her to really let her vision for the magazine to come through. Being a blogger, I love how in touch she is with bloggers.

What are your thoughts on the new domino site?

Have you picked up the magazine yet?

domino - eva chen office - lucky magazine 2

domino - eva chen office - lucky magazine 2

Photos of Eva Chen’s office at Lucky Magazine by Brittany Ambridge, produced by Robert Leleux interior design, styling by Suzanne and Lauren McGrath, featured on