Dream Home Part III // Kitchen

Dream Kitchen - marble countertops

We’re already to the end of my dream home series. Make sure you read part one about my dream master bathroom, and part two about what I’d love to have in an outdoor space.

For this series Capital One dared me to dream up what I would do if I could renovate or build my dream home using their home equity loans. I love dreaming about my ideal spaces. I actually think all of this research will be helpful when I actually do buy my next home!

So let’s chat kitchens!

Kitchen with open shelving

Going along with the vibe of my dream bathroom, I want my kitchen to be fairly neutral. White, black, gray, wood and natural elements. That way, the food can be the color, and I can also add colorful artwork if I want. I love neutral kitchens with lots of plants and food as the “decor”.

I’d love to have some open shelving — for pretty dishes and serving pieces — and closed shelving and drawers for everything that isn’t so pretty (hello massive blender). The open shelving also forces you to keep everything neat and tidy. I want my kitchen to make me feel relaxed when I walk into it.

marble countertop island

I would love love love some gorgeous granite or marble countertops. Some types of marble are really hard to take care of, so I’d want to pick one that is on the easier side. If that means going with quartz, I’m totally fine with it. But I think natural stone looks beautiful in a kitchen. Bringing the earth inside. I’m also not opposed to concrete counters — just gonna throw that out there.

black and white kitchen

I think a really interesting light fixture can completely change the vibe of a space. I’d love to have really cool lighting in my kitchen/dining space.

I also want there to be a place for everything. A very organized kitchen! When we downsized from a house to an apartment when we moved to Washington, D.C., we had to get rid of a lot of kitchen items. Not that I ever used my cake carrier, but I had acquired a lot of kitchen and entertaining items over the years that we said goodbye to. Our most recent move into a new apartment is the smallest kitchen I’ve had since the first year of our marriage almost 12 years ago! So we got rid of even more kitchen items and I haven’t missed one of them. Okay, I do miss my toaster, but honestly the oven has been working just fine! All of that is to say that a dream kitchen doesn’t have to be huge! It just has to be functional. I want a place for everything and everything in its place.

kitchen storage

And lastly, I want my countertops to be minimal. I prefer to hide or store as much as possible — even if it’s beautiful plates on open shelving — I just like to be able to cook, make a mess in the kitchen, or bring in groceries and being able to set them down without having to clear the countertops first!

I want to know — what features do you want in your dream kitchen? What did I forget?

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