Dream Kitchen Inspiration + Win 4 Chic Appliances!

In partnership with Bray & Scarff!

Cafe Appliances - Green Kitchen 4

You might recall that my husband and I bought a home fairly recently. About a year and a half ago.

The home was turnkey. Most people probably wouldn’t change anything about it. But I’m not most people. Nor is my husband. We have a very specific aesthetic and he just happens to be very handy around the house. He loves to build things. Huge bonus for me!

We immediately painted the walls (my job), and after a while we invested time and money into making the back yard our dream patio. The rest of the house we’ve just been waiting to renovate. Trying to spread out the cost of remodeling the bathrooms, replacing all the lighting, and of course — the most expensive, the heart of the home — the kitchen.

Our kitchen is NOT our style at all. I don’t even know what you would call it. The previous owners did a major update, it has granite countertops, new-ish appliances, and new cabinets, but the colors and style just aren’t our vibe.

I’m going to guess some of you out there don’t have your dream kitchen either? Okay probably the majority of you who own homes would probably change a few things about your kitchen, if not give it an entire gut job, right?

Kitchens are always the most expensive to remodel. Think you’re going to repaint your cabinets on your own? Hahaha think again. I’ve done it. And while they didn’t look bad, there is no way I’d ever do it again. I will be having a professional come do the cabinets in our current home. It is such a pain and worth every penny! A company like Bray & Scarff — kitchen remodeling experts with 30 in-house designers, certified installers and countertop fabricators to help you remodel from start to finish — is the type I would hire for a gut-job remodel! They do complete remodels including design, cabinetry, countertops, project management, permits, etc.

So let’s chat about these kitchens of ours a little more. While mine is not my style, it’s also not bad. It’s livable. It’s not embarrassing or falling apart. But I’m guessing for a few of you … you might have ugly kitchens? Maybe you just bought a home and plan to gut it? Maybe you bought a home a few years ago and are saving up for your dream kitchen? Doesn’t matter. Real estate on the east coast, especially in the DC Metro area is expensive, and typically needs some upgrading, so don’t be embarrassed — let your ugly kitchen win you a new one!

I’ve got some good news for you. You could win a 4-piece Café appliance suite!!! What are Café appliances? Only the coolest appliances out there right now, and if I thought my kitchen was ugly enough to enter this contest — I would in a heartbeat! So if you think you have an ugly kitchen, submit a photo of your kitchen for a chance to win four gorgeous Café appliances from a Bray & Scarff, and I will be very jealous of the winner! I love the matte finish of the appliances and that you can customize the hardware by choosing between 4 different finishes!

Let’s talk a few quick details. To be eligible to win, you have to live within 20 miles of a Bray & Scarff location (they are all in Virginia and Maryland). Find locations and all of the specific details about the contest here, but here’s the jist for you — submit your photo of your ugly kitchen here before November 15, 2018 here. Encourage your friends to vote for your ugly kitchen from November 16, 2018 through November 25, 2018. The photo with the most votes will win the Grand Prize. A winner will be announced November 26, 2018. If you don’t think your kitchen is ugly enough to enter — you can still vote for who you think should win and 3 voters will be selected at random to win a $250 Bray & Scarff Gift Certificate! (You do have to live within 20 miles of a Bray & Scarff location to be a winner of a Gift Certificate.)

I can’t talk about dream kitchens without some kitchen inspiration and a little dream kitchen of my own! I put together two versions of a dream kitchen — one for the white Café appliances, one for the black. Which color of Café appliances would you choose if you won the grand prize?



dream kitchen with black cafe appliances

And a few inspiration pics of course:

Cafe Appliances - Green Kitchen

Cafe Appliances - Green Kitchen 1



dream kitchen with white cafe appliances

White kitchen inspiration pics:

Cafe Appliances - White Kitchen

Cafe Appliances - White Kitchen

Cafe Appliances - White Kitchen

These kitchens seriously have me dreaming!

Good luck to all of you who enter! I can’t wait to see your ugly kitchens and cast my vote!


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