Early Spring Wishlist

meg biram's early spring wishlist

March has been chilly to say the least. I saw recently that February in DC was warmer than March and I believe it. It’s hard to get too excited about spring clothing when I’m still wearing my winter coat every day, but I know I have some shopping to do for spring.

I honestly don’t do much shopping in general. Which is why I don’t post about it a ton here because I’m much more into quality over quantity in my wardrobe, only buying what I love, etc. Because of that I shop less, and I tend to buy more expensive things and wear them a lot. You can read all about my shopping philosophies in The Life Edit — which is currently 50% off, use the code LOVEYOU50 at checkout.

I also hate the insane amount of consumption, consumerism, materialism, and constant selling selling selling that is in the world of blogging and I never want my site to feel like that. I mean, we all have to wear clothes, and there’s nothing wrong with loving fashion — I love fashion and always have! And you should do whatever your budget allows you to do. I like to call shopping stimulating the economy. So I’m still a huge advocate of shopping, trust me, I get really frustrated if I don’t have the perfect outfit for something, but I want my shopping (and posts about shopping) to be meaningful and intentional.

Even if it’s just a roundup of items, I’m always trying to be helpful! I love seeing what other people are wearing and what people pick out. It takes so much time to delve through some of the big shopping websites, so that’s why I find roundups so helpful if I love someone’s style.

That said, here are a few things I’m loving for early spring!


I’ve always had a thing for stars, the moon, and the sun. In science, in design, and even in clothing. I’m literally wearing a star sweatshirt as I type this. So the second I saw this Star Print Maxi Dress (and the fact that it’s only $67) I was like — MINE! It’s on its way — hope it fits!

Full disclosure — this is one of three Clare V. items in this post. I can’t help it, I love the brand! I wear all of my sweatshirts all of the time, so I’m sure this red lips short sleeve sweatshirt would be no different.

Black… artsy… gimme these Annie Costello Brown Popova Earrings.

I bought your typical tan trench coat years and years ago and it’s amazing how much I’ve worn it over the years, but it’s definitely seen better days and I’m more of a fan of this yummy Anine Bing Military Trench to wear for the next decade.

Like I said, Clare V. and sweatshirt = I’m going to want it. Loving this Le Freak C’est Chic Sweatshirt.

A lot of my footwear has to be “dog-walking comfortable” so I think these Loeffler Randall Puffy Knot Pool Slides will not only work for traipsing around town, but also walking Hemingway.

I already ordered this Floral Print Maxi Shirt Dress. There are so many florals out there but it’s rare for me to actually like them.

I’m really into pajama sets right now.

Ever since I started wearing toe ring sandals in college, I’ve been hooked. Something about them, they are just always so comfortable. I’ve had several pairs ever since. My black pair that I’ve worn the past two years is beat up badly and I need some replacements. I’m obsessed with this newish brand Mercedes Castillo and these Fallon Sandals.

Last but certainly not least — the Clare V. Desert Stripe Midi Sac that I’ve literally been drooling over since it came out and I just ordered it today. Yay!