Emporiyum Photo Backdrop

Emporiyum Mural - Meg Biram

Wanted to share the behind the scenes of one of my favorite projects of 2018 (I had a few favorites!). This project was a photo backdrop for the Emporiyum in DC.

They asked me to come up with an idea for a photo backdrop and they were open to pretty much anything. I felt like because it is a food event, the backdrop had to be food related. So I got to work sketching up some concepts that I thought would be good photo backdrops for the event.



Emporiyum Mural Sketch - Meg Biram 3

I drew up a few different ideas, in different color palettes and at different sizes, but everything I sketch up is always flexible to change. If my client likes one design but color palette from a different concept — no problem, I can easily switch it up.

Emporiyum Mural Sketch - Meg Biram 4

My personal aesthetic is often sketchy and imperfect. I like for things to look painted versus a digital and perfect.

Emporiyum Mural Sketch - Meg Biram 2

Emporiyum Mural Sketch - Meg Biram 6

Sometimes I throw in something completely different just to see the client’s reaction. This (above) was actually one of the client’s favorites but we both thought other designs would be better for the event.

Emporiyum Mural Sketch - Meg Biram 1

This (above) was the first version of the design that was chosen. Once this was selected, I redrew it a little less messy and to scale (see top photo).

Emporiyum Mural Sketch - Meg Biram 6

Once the design and color palette were chosen we were just waiting for paint day!



Meg Biram Emporiyum Photo Booth Before

The client had purchased uncoated canvas, which I either didn’t think to or forgot to tell her was not ideal. A bright white primed canvas would have been more sturdy and the color would pop off of bright white better than an off white.

Once I started painting we both realized it really needed to be a white background, so we had someone go get white paint and I painted between all of the food items white. This hiccup ended up adding probably 2 hours of painting time to this project, but I felt like it was partially my fault so it wasn’t a big deal.

Meg Biram Emporiyum Photo Booth - In Process

This mural took longer than I thought it would (like they all do!). The white paint added time like I mentioned previously, but the black lines also took longer than I expected. The painting took around 8 hours, and all of the other elements that go into a mural project — emails, concept sketching, picking paint colors, having paint made, schlepping materials, etc. ended up making the estimated total time for this project between 13-15 hours.



Meg Biram Emporiyum Photo Booth Final

I was really happy with the final product and so was the client. See the time-lapse below or on Instagram here.