End of Winter Challenge

White Calvin Klein Booties

At the end of a season I always try to wear all of the seasonal items I love one more time before the weather changes for good. Right now I’ve been wearing a uniform of my favorite sweaters, this lilac coat (sold out, also comes in tan and yellow), and my white booties or my Charlie boots. If you see me out and it’s still cold, I’ll probably be wearing a version of this outfit.

As I was taking off a sweater that I’ve pretty much worn into the ground the past two seasons I decided that this is its last season. It’s time for it to go, I’ve worn it a lot and it’s starting to look a little too worn.

Which made me think — I should just go through all of my winter stuff now instead of waiting until next winter to decide if I want to keep items or not. While it’s all fresh in my mind what I did and didn’t wear this season. What I liked and didn’t like when I would put an item on.

The only downside I can see it to doing this mini wardrobe clean out now is that most resale shops aren’t taking winter items any longer. So anything good enough to sell should be put in a bag in the back of my closet to take to a resale store at the beginning of next season.

So while the feelings are all fresh — I challenge you to go through all of your winter clothes and do a seasonal closet clean out. Sometimes when we wait too long to do it we think we’ll wear something again, but most of the time we don’t. We pull it out next season, try it on again, and remember why we didn’t like it last year, and then it just took up space in our lives for another 9 months. So do it now!

Lilac Ganni Coat

Photos by Emma Weiss