Fall Wardrobe Update (Under $200)

Fall Wardrobe Update Under $150

This might come as a surprise to some of you but I actually don’t have a ton of clothes, and I don’t shop a lot either. I prefer quality over quantity and I tend to wear the same things over and over. You can see that I don’t have a ton of hanging space in my closet reveal and my closet before and after.

This fall I’ve found some amazing items under $200 (some I’ve picked up myself), so if you are trying to spice up your fall wardrobe, here are some great finds that won’t break the bank!

Fall Wardrobe Update — Under $200 (by row)

I have this suede moto jacket in green and wear it all the time. It’s not too expensive and is a staple in my wardrobe — for any season! Any type of moto jacket in a neutral color, I end up wearing all the time! With jeans, over dresses — dressed up or down. So versatile!

Polka dots are really in this year, not that I care much about trends but this polka dot sweater is super affordable and is in my favorite color palette — black and white.

I don’t know what got into me but I ended up with this pink sweater. It’s so cheap and so warm, and mainly I loved the color combination with the wine-colored skirt I just got (see last image!). So I just went for it. Who am I!? Bubble gum pink is super popular this fall, but I still can’t believe I went for it! It also comes in red if pink isn’t your jam, but it’s really nice quality for the price!

This Paris turtleneck is an interesting color and I love the PARIS detail on the neck, it’s an unexpected placement for a detail and I love it.

Yes, this black cardigan has a super deep V, so it might not work for some bustier gals, but it’s oh so sexy. Wear a cute lace bra if you want. Bonus — it’s SO SOFT! Comes in multiple colors.

It’s really hard for me to resist a dress or skirt with a cool pattern — and this abstract print skirt fits the bill! Also comes in black.

For years I haven’t worn mini skirts, but all of the sudden I want them! Love this suede mini skirt — comes in 3 colors and is under $100!

This fine wool roll-neck top is a bit sheer, and perfect for layering. A definite staple for me! Perfect for wearing under a moto jacket or tucked into a high-waisted skirt.

This bralette might seem like a really weird pick for fall wardrobe, but I got it in black a while ago and have already worn it a bunch. It’s great for smaller chest gals who want a cute bra to show through sort of see-through sweaters this fall! I wear it a lot under white t-shirts and tanks. Comes in multiple colors.

This sheer wool long-sleeved top is a must for me. I can tuck it into skirts and pants and layer it under a jacket. I will probably be my most-worn item this fall!

It’s hard to go wrong with a white oversized blazer. Would be perfect with jeans and my black lace cami that I wear constantly with my pasties!

I am obsessed with this wine-colored faux patent leather skirt. It was a total hit or miss situation but when it arrived and it fit to a T, I knew it was meant to be. Cannot wait for cooler temps to bust it out! It’s definitely more wine colored than the photos show. Also comes in black.