Arty Filles - birkenstocks - birkenstockPhoto via Arty Filles

I really really never thought I’d say this, but Birkenstocks are back. It’s definitely the beginning of the “back” and I’m on board. I actually want some. I’ve kinda liked the Gizah in patent black for a few years but never felt like it was the right time. Now, now it’s the right time. And I also want a pair of Arizona’s as well — gasp! For some reason I’m not as repulsed by them as I was Uggs (and I have two pairs of Uggs, gray and chestnut — but I was years late to that bandwagon and still think they are ugly as all get out and I only wear them around my house in the winter as slippers). Think I’m crazy? Vogue’s on board with the Birk. Ashley Olsen wears Birks. Eva Chen (the new EIC of Lucky Magazine) likes Birks. I’m telling you — Birkenstocks are cool again. Doesn’t Arty Filles (above) look chic? I think so.

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So which Birkenstocks are appropriate? I say black and white. And maybe metallic, but I’m sticking with black and white. Three pairs would be a little excessive, but how will I choose one!?! I like the Arizona in white and black on black, and the Gizeh in black patent. To me these are the type of shoes you keep for years because they are so darn comfortable, regardless of whether or not they are a fashion trend.

This whole Birkenstock thing is actually pretty funny to me because I was just having a discussion with Jamie and Tammy (before Jamie up and moved to Kuwait) about Birkenstocks, so this sudden trend and Jamie talking about her old Birkenstocks cracks me up. Sometimes you just need to see people wearing a strange trend that pull it off and look chic, and then you know how to wear it.

I know you have an opinion here … do you hate or love Birkenstocks? Or were you like me — needed to see it look chic before you could hop on board?