acne jensen boots // luana italy bag

I’ve wanted these Acne Jensen boots since the fall of 2014. They are expensive so I held off getting them, and then I went the entire fall/winter of 2014/2015 without a pair of black flat boots. It was silly really. Literally the most common piece of footwear for the winter, I didn’t have. I ended up wearing my black Loeffler Randall rain boots all winter. They don’t make the ones I have anymore, but these are just as cool.

I know myself and I knew that no other black boots would cut it. I wrote in The Life Edit that when you find something that you compare all other items to, then you know that’s the one you should buy. In this case, no other black flat boots measured up to my love for these Acne Jensen boots for over a year. I think it’s obvious that I think long & hard about big purchases.

acne jensen boots

I bit the bullet and finally bought my precious boots this winter (with the help of a few Shopbop gift cards). They tend to sell out quickly so once you’ve figured out what color and what type you want (suede, smooth leather, pebbled leather) you can start your search. But I’ve done the work for you:

I wanted the pebbled leather and couldn’t be happier with them. I wear an 8.5 in US sizes and I have a size 39. The 39 is a perfect fit for me with thin socks. I’d say go up a half size if you want to wear thicker socks. These boots might not be the boots for you, or they might be out of your budget, but I know I’ll wear them for years so they are worth it. You just have to find the boots that you love, but take my advice — don’t think about them for over a year like I did. A few months is enough time to know they are the ones. I know that I won’t even care to buy any other flat black boots for a while because I have the ones I love.

My next big purchase? A black leather moto jacket.

What about you, is there anything that you loved, bought, and don’t regret it for a second? Anything that you have wanted forever?


Photos by Laura Metzler

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