My Favorite Posts of 2017

My Favorite Posts of 2017

I have to say, this year I am pretty proud of some of my work here on Over the past ten years I’ve always tried to bring you interesting content that is unique. Since the Internet is overflowing with bloggers, content sites, and content everywhere — not to mention the content you can consume on social media and on TV — it’s hard to stand out.

Trust me, to actually do this as a business and as a full-time job is very hard until you hit a certain traffic/follower level. So since I’m not independently wealthy and have to actually make an income, every dollar I reinvest back into my business (versus paying myself) is a big deal.

I try to create content that is helpful and interesting, or inspiring and beautiful and only a small percentage of my content is sponsored. In 2017 the percentage of posts that were sponsored on my site — meaning a brand partnered with me and paid me to create them — was less than 1%. By the end for 2017 I will have done over 240 blog posts this year alone.

The vast majority of my content (99% of it) I produce and have to invest in anything I need for it myself. Trust me, I wish that sponsored percentage was a little higher, but I turn down anything that isn’t on brand or right for me (and you!).

I hope you’ve enjoyed the content I’ve created this year, and if so, maybe tell your friends or help me spread the word about your favorite posts, but I thought I’d share some of my personal favorite posts of the year with you today!


My Favorite Posts of 2017


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Pictured in photo: AllSaints Leather Jacket; Kendra Scott Ring; Kendra Scott Bracelets; Leather Mousepad; Initial Necklace

Photo by Emma Weiss