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Victoria recently emailed me about an app she knew I’d like. More like love. The idea is genius and I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more charity into my life. I also happen to be adding a lot more walking into my day (will tell you about that later) and I just started training for the 2nd Nike Half Marathon in DC — so there’s a lot of walking and running in my near future — why would I not download an app, tap a few things and also raise money for charity? Taking 10 seconds each time I start a walk or a run is hardly anything to ask.

So what is this app? It’s called Charity Miles. All you have to do is download the app (for iPhone and Android), create a profile, and when you are about to go on a walk, run, or bike ride, follow the app prompts, pick a charity of your choice out of the currently 26 involved, and go! When you are done, follow the prompts on the app again, and boom — you’ve just donated to the charity of your choice. Sometimes it will even give you an idea of what you provided, like I chose Habitat for Humanity the other day and it said I provided 3.98 pieces of lumber.

So who is donating the money? Currently Timex Sports, Humana and Lifeway Foods, and I hope more amazing companies will jump on board.

You can create teams on the app and raise money together, so let’s see how far we can go shall we? I created team #GSD, you can just go into “My Teams” and type in #GSD and you’ll be added to the team. Then you can see everyone on the team and we can see how much we raise together. Pretty cool. Would love for you to join me on team #GSD. I believe you can join multiple teams, or create your own team!

Tweet with me @megbiram & @CharityMiles and help spread the word about this awesome app.