pilates - meg biram - fitness - workout clothesFor my new Fitness Column currently I’m taking pilates classes at Fuel Pilates. There are a lot of things I love about this studio and pilates in general. I’ll save all of that for my post on Fuel Pilates, but today we’ll talk about the gear. So far the classes I’ve been to aren’t mega sweaty, plus it has been freezing outside, so I’ve been wearing long sleeves. Shoes don’t matter, so going to-and-from you can throw on any pair of shoes you like. I typically wear my Nike running shoes, Tieks, or when it’s really cold and snowy (which is has been lately) Uggs. I know I know, Uggs!?! But honestly when it’s that cold I don’t care and I’d rather not ruin my other shoes.

I think almost every girl has a pair of black tight workout pants or cropped leggings, which is what I wear to almost every single workout class. I should probably expand that outside of strictly black. Most of my workout gear is black, I just like black, and my husband calls me the ninja when I come out in my all black workout outfit.

If you want to do pilates at home I’ve included two items we’ve used in class so far in addition to a mat. I think it’s a good idea to go to some classes first to make sure you are doing things correctly and get your form right before doing videos or online classes at home.


ONE // I love the lilac color of this long-sleeve motion top. I’d wear this to class in the winter while it’s freezing cold outside.

TWO // I’d never used one of these pilates fitness circle until I started pilates classes. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

THREE // I’m always cold. Always. So I almost no matter what, even in the summer have some sort of jacket with me. This black anorak is perfect.

FOUR // You wouldn’t think a small medicine ball could be torturous but holding it over your head continuously… ugh.

FIVE // I’m a sucker for black and white and for wedge sneakers. Of course Rebecca Minkoff came out with an edgy pair of wedge sneakers. Chic enough for a casual night out, and to and from the gym.

SIX // For getting to and from class in the winter I usually wear an additional layer over my leggings or workout pants. Some sort of comfy pant like these terry sweatpants. I end up wearing them at home all of the time as well.

SEVEN // You will need grip socks for most pilates and barre classes. I recommend buying a few pairs online or else you will pay a lot more when you have to buy them in the studio.