Form Series: Inspired by WKNDLA

WKNDLA Earrings as Inspo

I get a lot of emails from brands that want to send me their products to use, try, wear, and hopefully post somewhere on my blog or social media. I completely understand this marketing approach and think that it’s effective when it’s a good match.

More often than not, it’s not a good fit and I have to say no. But sometimes it’s a YES YES YES! So when WKNDLA wanted to send me something (and a tip for all of you PR people — let the influencer pick the product out) I was THRILLED because I already loved their brand. So yes, they sent me these earrings, and the are so cool, so light, and I’m absolutely in LOVE with them.

WKNDLA Earrings

But right now I’m under the lens of focusing on art. It’s literally almost all I can think about working on every day (besides wine). So when I saw these babies in person, I was inspired to start sketching and ended up starting a form series and line series of small paintings on paper, all inspired from these earrings and the WKNDLA brand. The series was initially inspired by the shapes I saw in their jewelry, but then became it’s own thing, and in the future will evolve I’m sure as most things do.

wknd la inspo - meg biram

When sketching, at first I’m just getting my hand loose. Looking at shapes, drawing them. Get your hand and creative juices warmed up, sort of like an exercise or scales in piano.  Then once things are feeling fluid, I let my hand go, rearrange shapes, create new ones, put them together, take them apart.

At first I just wanted to keep it super simple with black only paintings, which is what you’ll see here. I know black shapes isn’t original or revolutionary when it comes to art, but sometimes you just feel compelled to start really simple. It was therapeutic for me to sketch and paint these little guys. I’m aware they aren’t changing the art world, the concept isn’t deep or complex, but sometimes that’s ok. Art doesn’t always have to be complicated, sometimes simple is great.

Meg Biram Form Series

While one would add a graphic touch to a gallery wall, I think they’d be cool all hung together, or in a grouping of 2-3. There are 8 in the form series and 1 in the line series so far, available in my shop now.

line drawings sketch book

Photos and artwork by Meg Biram