Foundation Faces

meg biram - makeup art - marc jacobs beauty foundation

If you missed the first post in my new Makeup Art series, go take a look! That post explains what I’m doing but basically playing with makeup and using it as my medium for making art. I wasn’t actually planning on selling any of it, but some of my friends convinced me otherwise. Some of the makeup art won’t be able to be sold since it basically won’t dry or the oil goes through the paper, but we’ll see.

marc jacobs beauty foundation

makeup art - meg biram

marc jacobs beauty foundation swatches

marc jacobs beauty foundation swatch

This series is already interesting to me. I loved what happened with the lip mousse, so I was excited to try something totally different — foundation. This post features the Marc Jacobs 24-Hour Foundation. They sent me three shades, but honestly, I don’t wear foundation and really never have unless something was wrong or someone did my makeup. I like to have some just in case, but I wear nothing or concealer on a daily basis. I tried it on and thought the formula was creamy, it sunk right into my skin and blended easily. My colors were R300 and R310.

Since I don’t wear foundation regularly I’m not the person to tell you more about it as a product honestly. The packaging is chic of course, I expect nothing less form Marc. I’ve read from other bloggers that it’s best for combination/oily skin. Not great for dry skin unless you use a ton of moisturizer first. My skin is on the dry side and I put a moisturizer on right before I put the foundation on, but I didn’t wear it long to see how it performed because I simply don’t wear foundation. But I’ll draw with it! I will be keeping the colors that match me for backup if I need it at some point or my concealer runs out!

meg biram drawing with marc jacobs beauty foundation

marc jacobs beauty foundation - meg biram drawing

makeup art detail

meg biram - marc jacobs beauty foundation

With the way the product is packaged, I thought it would be fun to draw with it. I tried painting with it but it just wasn’t fun so I quickly stopped and just kept drawing line drawings.

drawing with marc jacobs beauty foundation

meg biram - makeup art - foundation

meg biram - makeup art - faces - marc jacobs beauty foundation

meg biram makeup art marc jacobs beauty foundation

marc jacobs beauty foundation - makeup art - meg biram

I must say, drawing a face that actually turns out looking good, is really hard. Even making an abstract weird face look good is hard, I only really liked one out of all of the ones I drew this day, but I feel like all of the failures are a part of the art process. You will never always make amazing pieces. For every good piece there are 100 terrible ones! It’s estimated that Picasso made over 50,000 pieces in his lifetime, that is A LOT of art.

It’s always fun to experiment with new mediums because you do things you wouldn’t do with regular art mediums.

I’ve realized that you really need to make art and creativity a daily practice. Honestly, I’m still working on that myself. I feel like unless I have several hours of time, the effort of getting my art stuff out stops me from doing anything, so I have to stop thinking that way. But I have been sketching a lot on my iPad, and I think that counts too!

This column helps force me to do things out of my comfort zone and see what happens. I hope it inspires your creativity too!


Photos by Emma Weiss