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Caudalie Vine[Activ] Beauty Products

I recently attended an event where DC dermatologist Dr. Noelle Sherber and Caudalie’s lead esthetician, Regine Berthelot, answered all of the attendee’s questions (I had a lot) — from products, to skin, to layering, to wearing gloves under gel nail lamps. While the event was indeed focused on Caudalie’s new anti-pollution line Vine[Activ], I love that they took the extra step to make it extremely informative.

We also left with most of Caudalie’s Vine[Activ] line and I’ve had a few weeks to give it a whirl. It’s funny because I’ve been listening to a beauty podcast recently and I just heard an episode about how a new buzz word in skincare is pollution. I had a little chuckle because that was exactly what this event/product line is about.

I can tell you (or you may have already read) that I don’t always love testing out new skincare. I like what I’ve been using for the past 7 years and because I have sensitive skin, I’m not too keen on changing it. But that is part of the job I’ve created here and I loved what Regine Berthelot had to say about the Vine[Activ] product at the event.

It was all very scientific and I wouldn’t do it justice here, but let’s just say it was convincing enough for me to try it, and I’ve been using it for weeks now. I really love it!

I’ve used the energizing and smoothing eye cream, the moisturizer, and the overnight detox oil, and I can tell you that it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin one bit. At night I’d use the eye cream and oil and every morning I feel like, wow, my skin looks amazing! Young, plump, moisturized. And I did feel like I could see a tiny improvement in my fine lines. I don’t have that many yet so it can be hard to tell, but I do think my skin overall looks great in the morning after using the eye cream and detox oil.

I haven’t used the moisturizer as much as the other two products, but the days I have used it, I’ve liked it. I think my skin is used to something a little more moisturizing, and I have dry skin, so I pretty sure if I used it every day for a few weeks my skin would be used to it.

I think it will be great this summer when my face is more oily/sweaty, because my other main daily moisturizer is often a little too much during the day in the hot summer months.

If you are looking to test out some new skincare, I’ve liked these Caudalie products so far.

Caudalie Vine[Activ] Anti Pollution Beauty Products

But now let’s chat about all the things I learned at this event.

I asked about how to properly layer the products. What order do I put them in? Do I need to wait a certain amount of time before layering on the next product?

Regine Berthelot said that there was no need to wait, you can apply the products on your skin one right after another (there was a specific scientific reason but I didn’t catch it/write it down).

The order she said (for morning) is to start with the eye cream — an extra tip she gave was that you can also put it around your lips — then put on a day serum, then a moisturizer, then sunscreen. At night do the eye cream, then the detox oil.

But don’t just do this on your face, she said you should always do it on your French Face. I don’t know how I already knew what this was but most people didn’t. She said the French consider basically from your boobs up to be your French Face. So your décolleté, neck, and face. The décolleté (if you didn’t know) is basically from the bottom of your neck, to down between your boobs. I’ve been slathering oil and moisturizer on my French Face for years!

We got on the subject of sunscreen and Dr. Sherber recommended getting one with antioxidants. She also said that you should be putting a teaspoon of sunscreen on each part of your body.

Since I had a free dermatologist answering all my questions, I asked if I needed to be concerned about getting gel manicures. Dr. Sherber highly recommended getting gloves to wear while getting a lighted manicure.


This post was not sponsored, but the products were provided to me. All opinions are honest and are my own.

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