Fresh Mountain Air in Lake Tahoe

Resort at Squaw Creek Pool

A few weeks ago I took a quick trip to Lake Tahoe to stay at the Resort at Squaw Creek. You might have seen a few Instagrams and videos from the trip, or read about my little mountain biking accident.

I had a few “moments” if you will while on the trip. It’s strange how just a few days can really have an effect on you! I experienced very strongly the effect that a smell can have on you, because that was my very first experience when I arrived.

I arrived late in the evening and was walking to my room (outside) and the air was so crisp, and fresh, and smelled so strongly of the mountains and pine I was overwhelmed with emotion and memories flooded back into my mind from happy days I spent in the mountains growing up.

The mountains just have a very particular smell and feeling. It’s really unlike anywhere else. I grew up going to Colorado in the summers and winters. Hiking and skiing. In high school and college I attended and worked at camps in the mountains. I didn’t realize how much I missed them.

The fresh mountain air and the feeling that I get while there just moves me. I think differently, I breathe differently, I feel different. Good. Happy. Alive.

Exhausted I went to bed, but woke up really early the next morning and went outside, and the feeling was just as powerful. I sat down at the pool (fully clothed, it was chilly in the morning!) and sipped my coffee and was just thinking and reading the newspaper. I let all the memories come back to me even more strongly and seriously had a lump in my throat thinking of all the good times I had in the mountains and wondering why I don’t make it a point to visit them each year.

Now the memory is fresh in my mind and I’m itching to plan my next mountain adventure.

Resort at Squaw Creek Pool

Squaw Creek is on the northwest side of Lake Tahoe in California. It’s close to Truckee and Tahoe City. It’s a great nook in the mountains to hideaway. The resort itself has a lot to keep you busy — golf, bikes, pool, spa, shopping, skiing, games, and multiple restaurants. And what they don’t have on site they have an easy way for you to partake in other activities like fly fishing, SUP, and hiking.

Resort at Squaw Creek Restaurants

It’s great for families but as someone without kids I didn’t feel overwhelmed by kids either. It was really a lovely place. Large rooms, very quiet, and everyone was really friendly.

The most memorable dining experience was at Six Peaks Grille (the top of the photo above). We dined al fresco, with blankets (provided by the restaurant) for those of us who were chilly (me), under the stringed lights. The food was AMAZING. They are very thoughtful about using local food sources and they even have their own garden on site.

Resort at Squaw Creek Light

The quiet mornings were really lovely. I caught some nice light while taking photos around the property. Being on east coast time I was up early and I was just go outside and enjoy the mountain air and contemplate the next time I would return.

Resort at Squaw Creek Pool

Thanks to the Resort at Squaw Creek for hosting me.