Friends & Coffee

vigilante coffee

Friends. Nothing better than a coffee date with a friend. I feel like I always leave inpired and energized (maybe that’s just the coffee). Never once have I ever regretted coffee with a friend. So now that the holiday season is upon us, I challenge you to take a step back and make sure that you still take a moment for you and a friend. The holidays are crazy and are usually centered around family. But the older I get, the more I consider some of my friends as family.

Friends eating smoothie bowls.

Since we live in DC and the rest of both mine and my husband’s families live out of town, we don’t fly home for all of the holidays and we end up in DC for the holidays half of the time. Because of this, we get to spend time with friends that are also in town that we couldn’t otherwise.

Coffee and a smoothie bowl

I tend to work a lot during this time, but also take the time to read, and do intense cleaning and organizing, make elaborate meals, and spend time with any friends that are still in town. DC is so quiet during the holidays, I love it.


This coffee date was with my friend Sarah. She’s a DC blogger & social media consultant (we have a lot in common — she also does CrossFit!). Because we have so much in common, we always have a lot to chat about, and even teach each other.

Smoothie bowls with granola and fruit

Ok we also had smoothie bowls in addition to coffee and tea. I must say that I LOVE the smoothie bowls at Vigilante Coffee. I think the mixture is frozen and they blend it. I love it that way because it’s really cold and almost like shaved ice.

Meg and Sarah eating smoothie bowls.

I love smoothies and make them at home with my Ninja all the time. When I make them at home I always make them more liquidy so I can drink them through a smoothie straw, but there’s something about an actual smoothie bowl with fruit, granola, coconut, honey — yum! I know it’s a trend but I don’t care, I’ve been making smoothies WAY before they were cool. Smoothies and smoothie bowls are delish.

eating smoothie bowls

I was so hungry I scarfed this smoothie bowl down real quick.

Taking photos at a coffee shop.

But not before we got endless photos of them.

Smoothie Bowls and Vigilante Coffee


Helmut Lang sweater (similar) / Druzy Earrings (similar) / Schutz Flats / Grey Jeans



Top / Jeans / Heels (similar) / Similar earrings herehere, and here

Meg and Sarah eating smoothie bowls

Had to include this blooper photo because it’s just too funny. What am I doing?!?

Meg Biram being silly.

Photos by Emma Weiss