When I made the Breaking Down Your Goals Into Manageable Tasks documents, I designated 2012 as The Year of Getting Shit Done. That was just a little reminder to myself that I’d like to get a lot more done in 2012 than I did in 2011, and I thought I’d take you on the journey with me with checklists, guides, and useful forms and documents I’ll be creating along the way.

I’ve been doing some deep cleaning since I got back from spending the holidays with friends and family in the Midwest. I thought I’d make you a little checklist if you want to get some areas of your home clean & organized too. (Who doesn’t like a checklist?) If you can check off one of these lines per day, you’ll be so organized in less than 2 weeks! Your wardrobe and office might take a day or two, but it will be sooooo worth it!