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If you’ve been a reader for over a year then you might remember that last November I launched my first online course — Your Ideal Year. Not to toot my own horn, but the course got very good reviews by the people who took it. I’ve even had people come up to me months later and in person tell me how much the course helped them.

People gave me feedback such as:

“Compared to other workshops and conferences, Meg’s course definitely has the most value and immediate impact towards creating lasting changes in my life and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their career and daily routines!”

“This course is spurring me into action. The tasks we’re given throughout the course forced me to take a long hard look at my goals, and then break them down into tiny steps that will help me achieve my long term goals.”

“This course holds up an honest mirror to the life you live and provides a roadmap to successfully reach your goals with no excuses. I’ve never had such a hands-on resource to awaken my senses and ignite me for the new year.”

“Meg’s course is an amazing resource to help define goals, organize thoughts and provide focus for the year ahead. After completing the introduction alone, I felt inspired and motivated, both in both my personal and professional life. As a small business owner, big dreams and ideas come with the territory but Meg’s course helped me prioritize my thoughts in an intentional and realistic way.”

“I was surprised at how I don’t really have a good clear sense of my goals. After doing this course I realized that I need to focus on making some measurable, tangible goals in order to make any real progress.”

Read why I created Your Ideal Year here. How the concept of it went from the Get Shit Done book to Your Ideal Year, and my 9 Tips to Have Your Best Year.

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When I came up with the concept, I knew it would be something that was evergreen, meaning it applies to our lives constantly. Especially during the new year. But it’s not the type of course that is only good when I launch it. It doesn’t change with the times like maybe teaching an Instagram or social media course would. As in, half of the tips I gave out 5 years ago for social media don’t really apply anymore. But everything in my course still applies this year, and I think always will.

As long as you want to change your life, get motivated, get a clearer picture of what you want it life, and a little help organizing yourself on how to get there — this course will be relevant to you.

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I feel like every year there’s some new goal-setting book or course or whatever — and trust me, I’ve read or done most of them. Here’s the thing, you will find the one that works best for you, because you’ll keep searching for them and taking different ones until you find one that is actually satisfying and that you want to do over and over each year. I did that, none of them helped me enough, so I made my own.

If you’ve taken other courses that you felt were forgettable and here you are thinking you could still use some direction, you won’t have to look any further than Your Ideal Year. You only buy it once and then you can take the tools and the method I give you, reprint the worksheets out whenever you want (you can download them and save them on your computer — forever), and go through the course (or whatever parts of it you want) all over again. You don’t have to buy the course again, anything I add to it you will have access to as long as the course is online.

The first time you do the entire course it it will take longer (most people said 10-20 hours), but then the next year, you read over what you wrote the previous year and you’ll probably just be tweaking, adding a few and/or taking out a few things. But the method and the tools are designed for you to learn it once, and do it again whenever you want.

your ideal year online course

This year I’ve added two new printable tools to the course (those who have already bought the course can log in and get these new PDFs and download the 2018 dated print outs).

The two new print outs are my Get Shit Done To-Do List — so instead of buying it from my shop you can just download and print this one over and over. And another to-do list that is similar in nature to the Get Shit Done list and there are two versions of it. Basically they are additional tools for you once you’ve taken the course.

Within the course there is a workbook and print-outs for each section. They can be reprinted each year or each time you want to retake the course or reevaluate that part of the course.

I realize that everyone likes to organize things differently so I give you lots of options so you can find the one that works best for you!

Two things to note — ask your accountant for sure, but you can probably write the cost of the course off on your taxes if you have your own business or are starting one and are using the course to help you organize your thoughts. Also, if you work in the corporate world, this course can be tailored for a group corporate setting. Please contact me to discuss if you think that might be something your company might want to do.

your ideal year worksheets

If you want to know more about Your Ideal Year, you can go to the site here. I’m not going to rewrite everything about why I think it’s the best way to evaluate your life, get your shit together, figure out what the heck you really want, and give you some direction and a path to get there. Just read these posts linked below, and go to the Your ideal Year site and all the info, including a list of every single lesson in the course, is there.

Why I created Your Ideal Year

Get Shit Done Book to Your Ideal Year

9 Tips to Have Your Best Year

your ideal year workbook

If you still have questions, please feel free to email me!

Also, on my Instagram Stories I’ll be giving a few additional sneak peeks of the worksheets in the course, so follow me there!


Photos by Emma Weiss