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Meg Biram Entertaining for the Grammy Awards

One of the things I want to do more of in 2019 is make the effort to do more social things with friends. DC can be a hard place to get people together sometimes since it’s so spread out (over DC proper, northern Virginia, and Maryland) I have friends that live all over the city! It can take over an hour to get to their homes even without traffic.

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So a lot of times I think me and some of my friends end up not hanging out simply because of the logistics, but then every time we do spend time together, we talk about how we need to make the effort to do it more often because it’s always worth it. Especially for people like me who don’t live in the same city as family — my friends here are my family!

Meg Biram Entertaining

Getting together doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Sometimes we make things a bigger deal than they need to be, when really your friends don’t care if your house is spotless or if you spent hours cooking for them — they just want to be with you.

A way to make it easier to plan is by getting together for things like watching the Grammys! Award shows and other things you’d all be watching at your own home you could easily just have friends over and all watch together!

Grammy Party with CB2

If you have time to make things from scratch and put together a decorated themed get-together, knock yourself out. But just having friends over to your imperfect home, putting a nice charcuterie board together, and whipping up a batch of fun cocktails is plenty. Don’t overthink it! Pull out your nice cocktail glasses and napkins, light a few candles, and they’ll think you spent all day working on it when really you didn’t.

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Sometimes I don’t even plan what food I’m going to have, I just go to the grocery store, and see what speaks to me and see what they have in stock and boom — there’s the menu. I think it’s fun to think up menus and have a fancy dinner party, but that’s just not realistic most of the time.

Decorating with palm leaves

Tablescape for the Grammys

Once I was on my way to a party and forgot I was supposed to bring an appetizer, so I stopped at a Chinese restaurant on my way and picked up a bunch of crab rangoon. My husband thought I was nuts, but everyone smelled it when I walked in the door and they immediately devoured it!

Pitcher of Cosmopolitans

To save time, make a drink you can put in a pitcher and everyone can self-serve when they are ready for more. You can always leave the alcohol out so people can add their desired amount.

Making Cosmopolitans

I love making a simple crowd favorite cocktail like a cosmopolitan! All you need is vodka, limes, triple sec, and cranberry juice! They’re easy to make, easy to drink, and hard to hate!

White Vase with Palms

Entertaining for the Grammys

Decorating the mantle

You can always get together with friends randomly, but doing it around an event like the Grammys can add a fun twist to the night and just gives you a reason to have people over. It gives you something for the group to focus on and experience together. Who knows, maybe a Grammy Party will become an annual thing!

Grammy Bingo

To help you take your little gathering to the next level I made some print outs you can download and use as a fun Grammy Bingo game (whether you bet with cash money, make it a drinking game, or everyone brings some sort of funny gift for the winner — do it however you like)! Head over to CB2’s blog to download it!

Meg Biram Entertaining for the Grammy Awards

Entertaining for the Grammys

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