Get Uncomfortable

GET UNCOMFORTABLE - meg biram mantra

I have my friend Mona to thank for this post and mantra. GET UNCOMFORTABLE is now my mantra for February. Mona is my fitspo. Last night we were texting and she was helping push me through to another level in my fitness routine. She reaffirmed something my husband recommended I do (have to give him credit too) — add regular cardio to my workout routine and sometimes do two-a-days (two workouts a day).

I know, it might seem insane to some of you to do two-a-days since I’m not a professional athlete, an actress getting in shape for a role, a soon-to-be bride trying to get in shape for a wedding, or someone who works in fitness. But I actually know a bunch of women who do two-a-days sometimes when working toward a goal.

My reasons are just that I want to hyper focus on getting into the best shape I can — in general and for a few specific reasons. I want to push my body to limits I’ve never been to. I’ve always been slender, but never strong and toned.

Also I turn 35 in April and am going on a beach vacay in March, soooooo that has a little to do with it. And honestly, the older you get, your body just changes. You can’t eat the same way you did in your 20s. It takes a lot more work to grow and maintain tone and strength (for me anyway).

While I’ve worked out consistently the past few years, doing fairly intense stuff — CrossFit, [solidcore], etc. — I’ve never really pushed myself (besides running the Nike Half Marathon in 2013). Honestly other than that one half marathon, I don’t think I’ve really tested my body. And I just want to go there, push it, test it. 

Mona said, you’re going to have to GET UNCOMFORTABLE. I was telling her how doing [solidcore] and yoga is really pushing the limits of my shoulders and how they are just toast every day, so I couldn’t do anything with them, and cardio is really all I can do on top of what I’m currently already doing (yoga 3x a week, [solidcore] 4x a week), and cardio is thing I need to add to my routine to torch the areas I’m wanting torch.

I was thinking about the phrase “get uncomfortable” and besides getting up early to workout (some days, not every day), my most recent test, working out everyday isn’t making me uncomfortable. So it’s time to get uncomfortable.

Have you really ever tested your physical limits? Tell me in the comments!

I’m not just going to apply this mantra to my workouts, but also to my work and artwork. I need to get uncomfortable there too. Maybe you can find some ways to apply it to your life?!