Getting Back To Meg // Regaining Creativity

kirsty hume // harbour islandKirsty Hume Harbour Island, Pamela Hanson

There’s been a mini trend in the blog world recently … everyone is exhausted, uninspired, and ready to refresh. I think this is a typical feeling for those of us who have been blogging for a while (I can’t believe it’s almost 5.5 years since I started blogging!?!) especially after the holidays and the beginning of a new year (although here we are almost two months into 2013!). Erin calls it slow blogging. Victoria says enough is enough. I could sit here and quote about half of Megan’s what ALT Summit Taught Me post for all of its amazing statements, but I’ll just let you read it. And I’m pretty sure there are more posts I wanted to mention here, but you know how things get lost in internetland (does anyone have a bookmarking system they like besides Evernote?). And I’m pretty pissed I wasn’t paying attention to Stefan Sagmeister‘s keynote at ALT — because I was working. Um, hello — I’m at a damn conference and the most inspiring talk I missed because I had to get something done!?! Bleh.

Have you read similar posts to the ones I mentioned? Leave me a link to them in the comments so I can read them.

In 2012 I busted my ass working on tons of projects to try to make sure that my “business” was financially successful. Funny enough, what I started out last year thinking I was going to be doing the most ended up being the thing I’m doing the least of now, by choice. I’ve started so many other projects — to & from, MANIFESTO, another biz that will launch soon, (and another idea up my sleeve but it’s a bit far off) that I haven’t had time for much else — especially blogging how I want to and also time for my own creativity. I have carved out time for yoga (yay me), and now running (see my post about the Nike Women’s Half Marathon), and hopefully with the addition of my 2 new interns (YAY!) I will continue to be able to spend more and more time creating the type of content that I want to.

I mentioned while speaking on the Social Media panel at ALT in January that it’s OK to take breaks from blogging, instagram, twitter, Pinterest, (take a breath), Facebook, Google+, Vine, reading other blogs, taking photos, etc. etc. etc. TO ACTUALLY LIVE YOUR LIFE. That is how you gain perspective, get cultured, and have something interesting to say or inspiring photos to share — you have to go out and experience life! When you die, you can’t take your blog with you. I mean, I guess you could be buried with your laptop. You take your memories with you. What you saw, did, experienced — and the people you enjoyed all of that with. So over the holidays and while I was launching some projects I have been much more liberal with myself to take that time and not killing myself to churn out posts that are uninspired, because I just wanted to “get something up.”

I will continue to work hard in 2013 but I am going to live a little. Go off the map sometimes. Go on a real vacation that has nothing to do with work. Enjoy dinners with my husband. Let my mind get lost frequently at yoga. Get a massage, a mani/pedi, spend a Tuesday afternoon at a museum, and have a margarita at lunch. And then I’ll create, and like I said — get back to Meg. Or maybe getting to the next evolution (ahem January’s word) of Meg. I just feel like I’ve gotten so focused on the “business” I’ve let the creative Meg go a little. I need her back.

I also think you create your best work when you have the time to be truly inspired. Think things out. I think this is why I always have amazing ideas while in the shower — I’m just letting my mind run without interruption.

Go live. Gain experience, knowledge, memories. Get inspired. Get creative. Go find yourself.

I’m planning on it.

What about you, how are you feeling?


Photograph by Pamela Hanson