Getting To & From (Part I)

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DC Carpool

For those of you that live in the DC area, transportation is a huge deal. Particularly when planning out your commute to work.

My husband and I tend to move around the DC area in relation to how easily my husband can get to work. He’s taken almost every form of transportation that he knew of to get to his office in the past 8 years — walking, riding his bike, driving, taking the bus, taking the Metro — he’s literally done all of it.

His commute has ranged from a 10-minute walk or bike ride to a 60-minute drive each way to work. When he drove into DC from a Virginia suburb we lived in when we first moved to the DC area (when we didn’t understand the level of the traffic here) he would have to leave our place by 6 am or else the commute would be 75 minutes or longer. If there was an accident (which there are several every day), construction, or bad weather, you can always add time to your commute. There were a few times it took him up to two hours just to go 20 miles. Everyone who commutes in and out of the DC area has several stories about ridiculous commutes.

I thought I knew all of the types of transportation DC has to offer, but I was wrong. I had no idea about the DC Ride Share program and Guaranteed Ride Home. So when they asked me to help get the word out about them, I was totally up for letting people know.

I know some people that drive up to 2-3 hours each way into the DC area for their job. Almost everyone that comes in from the Virginia or Maryland areas has at least a 30-60 minute commute.

DC Rideshare Carpool

So what the heck is DC Ride Share? It’s a part of an organization called Commuter Connections. The goal of Commuter Connections is to help improve commutes for the workers in the DC metro area. All you have to do is set up a free account and you can sign up for the programs they have — one of those programs is DC Ride Share.

Meg Biram in car.

If you have a long commute and you are looking to save money and use your time better, this is definitely something to look into. If you sign up the ride share program helps you find out about others who live and work near you, have similar work schedules, and are interested in carpooling to and from work. You can even use the Carpool Now app for ridesharing on demand.

When you rideshare with one or a few other people it cuts the time you have to drive by at least half, more if there’s more people. You can use that time to do whatever you want — read a book, sleep, listen to podcasts, maybe you are in grad school you could use it to study, look at Instagram, whatever you want!

DC Rideshare

Besides just the time you can use to do something else besides having to drive and the stress that comes along with driving in traffic (I find myself clenching my jaw and my whole face is scrunched up when I drive), but the cost of gas, wear and tear on your car, tolls, all saves you money — and probably a few wrinkles.

Save money, less stress, use your time doing something besides driving.

You can learn more about the Rideshare program here. Don’t miss the Part II post — there’s more!


Photos by Emma Weiss

This post was sponsored by Commuter Connections.