Gift Guide for Girlie Teens

All gifts under $90, most under $30!

Gift Guide for Girlie Teens Under $90

Kicking off my Gift Guides with my most popular gift guide from last yearGirlie Teens! It came as a huge surprise to me that this was my most popular gift guide last year, so I had to do it again! I think it hits on all of our inner high school selves, makes us all feel nostalgic.

I also updated all the links from last year’s gift guide and many of the items are still available or I found something very similar, so definitely check it out!

This year I really wanted to find a lot of affordable ideas for you. This gift guide is all under $90, with most of the items under $30!


1 // White Marble Laptop Skin $16

2 // Crystal Beanie $30 (comes in multiple colors)

3 // Pinrose Travel Perfume (sampler) $20 — This is a new brand that is going bananas! Your teen will be shocked you know about it!

4 // ‘She Believed She Could’ Cuff $25 — A great mantra for a teen!

5 // Heart Keychain Charger $30 — Help her stay charged so you can get ahold of her. I think I need one of these too!

6 // Clear Vanity Organizer $12 — So she can (maybe) keep organized.

7 // Saguaro Phone Case $21

8 // Flow iPhone Case $20

9 // Faux Fur Legwarmer $68 — For the dancer, or just the gal that wants to keep warm. I might need a pair too, then I can turn off my space heater!

10 // Mini Power Haul Brush Set (includes a brush cleaning mat) $15 — There is a large version of this cleaning mat, but I think I actually like this mini version better! Plus it comes with other products.

11 // Palms Keyboard Cover $12 — So makeup and food doesn’t get in her keyboard and cause a pricey trip to the tech store.

12 // Stackable Jewelry Tray Set $89

13 // Lorac Mod Goddess Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set $26

14 // Iridescent Converse Sneakers (also available here) $85

15 // Foil Print Pillow $39

16 // Floral & Plaid Scarf $24 — Reversible!

17 // Set of 2 Nail Polish $14

18 // Puma Basket Heart Copper Sneaker $70+

19 // Desert Sunset Eyeshadow Palette $42

20 // Bando Rough Draft Notebook $12

21 // Muk Luks Pennley Slipper $30+ — There are many options for colors and patterns!

22 // Ruffle Chenille Sweater $49

23 // Adilette Slide Sandal (also available here) $46 — Ok I definitely want these too.

24 // Winky Lux Mini Lip Pill Kit $15