Seeing Clearly

Meg Biram in Pink Zenni Glasses

It seems like wearing glasses has become a trendy thing over the past few years. I started wearing glasses in 4th grade so it’s always been a necessity for me (was not cool then). I got contacts in 6th grade and mostly wore contacts until the past few years I started wearing my glasses out in public on occasion.

Pink Glasses on journal

Now I wear my glasses all the time because I work from home and I like to give my eyes a break from contacts, but I also wear my glasses because I think they are cool and a fun accessory.

Meg Biram - Pink Glasses

I think glasses are totally underrated as an accessory. Just a pair of glasses can change up your entire look.

Meg Biram on Patio

A lot of people probably feel like they can’t afford multiple pairs of prescription glasses, but luckily with technology and companies disrupting the industry — now you can get prescription glasses for some crazy affordable prices at Zenni.

Pink Glasses on Coffee Table

I’ve always wanted a few different pairs of glasses but never have because of the expense, so when Zenni approached me about collaborating with them, I took a look at their site and couldn’t believe the range of prices. So many of their glasses start between $15-$40!?! For prescription glasses!

Meg Biram - On Laptop - Zenni

It was super easy to hop on their website and order my glasses within minutes. I already had my prescription ready to go.

Meg Biram in Pink Glasses

I ended up going with these round pink glasses. Personally I think a light or dusty pink is a neutral color, it goes with so many things!

Meg Biram on patio writing in journal

I love that glasses are cool again. I feel like they add a smart, sophisticated touch to pretty much anyone who wears them!


Photos by Emma Weiss

This post was sponsored by Zenni, all opinions are my own.