Goals Course

your ideal year online course

My online course to help you clarify, set, and reach your goals is called Your Ideal Year.

This course started out as an ebook inspired by my popular column GSD (Get Shit Done), but after I extracted part of it to create what is now The Life Edit, the rest of it turned into something bigger than a GSD ebook. Learn more about the process of creating the course here and here.

In the Your Ideal Year online course you will be walked through taking a deep dive into where you are at in your life and why, what your true passions, skills, and values are, what you want your ideal life to look like, how to set better goals, create and keep good habits, take an intense look at your plans for 2017, and then help you achieve your ideal year with tools, methods, and strategies that you can continue using forever.

Learn more and enroll in Your Ideal Year HERE!