Goals for 2018

2018 Goals

I feel like a micro trend this year is to not have resolutions or goals. Basically be easy on yourself or nice to yourself. No stress! Or have just one resolution that is really broad. Some people don’t do them because they have goals year round and don’t necessarily feel like the date of January 1 is a reason to change everything up.

Everyone should do whatever they feel is right for them.

Personally, I love any excuse to feel like I’m getting a fresh start. It could be anything. Moving into a new house — fresh start. The beginning of the next season — fresh start. Anything to get me to reflect on my life and assess if my actions are backing my words which are backing my personal passions and goals — I’ll do it! I’m constantly doing this anyway because the method I use (which you can learn in my course Your Ideal Year) is one of constant reflection and reassessment. Not to the point that makes you crazy, but just enough to keep you focused.

So I am one of those people who sits down at the end/beginning of each year and looks back on the previous year. I like to do this for two reasons. First to remember and celebrate the good things! Prior to looking back at 2017 I just thought it was sort of a dud. Then as I was reflecting on it, I realized some amazing major things happened that I wasn’t expecting when I set my 2017 goals!

At the beginning of 2017 I definitely wasn’t planning to buy a house, but once our lease was up and we both just felt like we were ready to change and I was finally okay with buying another property after owning our other home in Kansas City for seven years. We sold it a few years ago and I just wasn’t ready to commit to another property until, surprisingly, I just was. It just seemed like the best thing to do in our situation at the time.

Looking back, it really was the best thing to do. I was just thinking recently how much I really love my new neighborhood. I was sad to leave the hustle and bustle of the heart of DC but I honestly am loving where we live now. A sense a longer post about this coming soon.

So looking back, that was a huge change that I wasn’t expecting and that did cause a lot of stress and took a lot of transition time, but it was so worth it.

The other amazing thing that happened last year was that even though I was really trying to paint a lot and make a transition in my work to having my fine art being a larger part of it, it didn’t happen quite how I thought it would. I thought I’d be in my painting studio all the time (it was near the apartment that we moved away from) and I thought I’d be doing tons of paintings and have a show in the fall and kick off my painting career! That wasn’t quite how my art goal came to life in 2017. But what did happen is I ended up painting 4 murals for different clients last year. One was a pretty big deal (to me). And I enjoyed each project immensely.

This year, I’m looking forward to all the ways that art and painting will be in my life. I will set some goals around it, but as always, I’m open to whatever comes my way.

When I think about goals, I do think about them in the 6 categories I have in my course: Personal, Health, Relationships, Spaces, Financial, and Work. And I have a lot of goals that are really similar to last year. But this year as I’ve been mulling them over for a few weeks, I started typing things up for this post in a more random way. Some things are more mantras or things I’m just keeping in mind, some are specific goals, some are more broad. Here are some of them in no particular order.


A taste of my 2018 goals:

Consume less, create more.

Regular yoga. CrossFit gave me muscles but it also took away my flexibility. There are a lot of poses I can’t even do right now because I’ve either lost the flexibility or now there is a muscle there. I don’t want to lose muscle but I really need to regain my flexibility.

Don’t let Instagram stress me out. Spend less time on Instagram, more time reading books, painting, and other things.

Make good decisions. (This is something I tell myself when making decisions about food.)

Go to a tennis camp and play tennis regularly when the weather gets warmer.

Continue to create meaningful content that is valuable and has a purpose.

Art-focused brand collaborations.

Paint more and do all types of artwork! Don’t put pressure on my artwork to be my income. Paint freely, paint and create what I want to experiment with without feeling like it has to be “good”.

Continue to make my beauty regimen the best it can be.

Grow website traffic and social followers by creating amazing content. Just make good, cool shit, not by winning the rat race of Instagram Loop Giveaways and clickbait headlines that don’t back themselves up with content (both of those things drive me insane).

Create a better system for dealing with the beauty products I receive and test. Also simplify it.

Take art classes/workshops to experiment with new mediums and new techniques and force myself to do things I wouldn’t otherwise in exploring my art and creativity. Specifically ceramics/sculpture, but also other mediums.

Traveling more is always on my list, but this year I need to plan more travel instead of waiting for work travel opportunities to come to me to fulfill my travel passion.

Active travel, wellness travel, yoga travel. I want to do a lot of this. Some alone, some with friends, some with my husband.

Go to Art Basel in Miami (or in Basel…).

Go to more art fairs in general.

Get a piano and start playing again is always on my list. There’s a wall I need to measure in my house to see if a small studio piano will fit… Besides just the longing to play again (I’ve kept sheet music since I was literally in middle school) I have this vision of playing when friends and family come over. I also think for me, my job is so tied to technology, my computer, my phone — that having hobbies that have nothing to do with technology (painting, playing piano, hiking, biking) are a really healthy way for me to disconnect. Basically I need a piano for my health!

Go to the galleries and museums in DC A LOT MORE OFTEN. Also take advantage of proximity to New York galleries and museums.

Be more strict about my time and schedule for work. Do more focused work and eliminate distractions.

Go to performances more often — live music, ballet, the symphony, utilize the fact that I live in the same city as the Kennedy Center.

I have this weird feeling of wanting to sign up for a race or bike race or something. Nothing too long or crazy, but just something. I love the motivation of a race and the community and feeling of accomplishment around an event. I saw a meme recently that said “One of my biggest fears is that I’ll marry into a family that does 5Ks on Thanksgiving.” I thought it was hilarious because I want to BE that family. This year on Thanksgiving I was at the grocery store, (there was a Starbucks inside of it) and a group of people (a family I assume) had just finished running the Turkey Trot and were all getting coffee, and I was like I’M JEALOUS! I want to do that! My dad always used to run those short races when I was growing up and now of course, I wish I had done them with him.

Read even more than last year!

Pare down my wardrobe even more. Keep it small and intentional and in line with my method in The Life Edit.

I have this weird feeling of wanting to get away with little to no wifi or cell service. For a week or even a month. I might need a full post to explain this but I read a lot about great artists and great thinkers and they had a LOT of time to think and be bored because they didn’t have all the shit in their lives like we do (here’s a book that I have in mind when I say this). I just wonder — what could I create if I had literally zero distractions? Not only what could I create (I thinking painting and art here) but also what what it do to my mind? Would I start writing a book perhaps? Would new ideas come to me? Would my mind clear? Would I actually just go completely nuts and realize I hate it? Who knows! I think something like an artist residency would come close to this, but I don’t think I have enough creds for a residency yet, so I’m going to have to work on this…

Hike hike hike! And more hiking.

Finish paring down home office. Don’t keep stuff I don’t need.

Get into the best shape I’ve ever been in. Sounds SO cliche, but I’m actually serious. I’m definitely stronger than I’ve ever been after two years of consistent workouts (mostly CrossFit), so now it’s time to take it up a notch even further! I’ve already started working on this one.

I have a list of home projects I’d love to complete. They all probably won’t happen this calendar year, but I would LOVE it if they did: replace all lighting and fans in the house (this is actually only 1 fan and 6 lights including both bathrooms, so it’s not that much), update both bathrooms (aesthetic reno, not big major reno unless I can talk my husband into redoing the floors…), have kitchen cabinets painted and replace hardware, get blinds/curtains, paint exterior of house, get patio furniture, grill, and finish patio renovation so we can enjoy it this spring/summer/fall, new mail box and house numbers, replace living room rug.

Start art collection. I have about 10 pieces (a mixture of photographs, prints, and paintings) that I consider the beginning of my art collection, but basically I want to be a less crazy version of Peggy Guggenheim and have an art collection that turns into a museum. Ha! But basically I want to collect art and support living artists by buying real, one-of-a-kind art (versus prints).

Create a community for myself in my new neighborhood. I’ve already met some amazing women so this is starting to come together.


I have more but I think that will do!

What are some of your goals for this year? Tell me in the comments!


Photo by Emma Weiss for MegBiram.com