Going the Extra Mile

Plus, come see me Friday at LOFT in Dupont!

Meg Biram in LOFT at VMFA

We tell ourselves so many excuses all the time. I need to work, or finish cleaning my house, or I have too many other things to do — rather than make time for doing things that we enjoy that might include a bit of planning. Or at least I do anyway.

Living in Washington DC, I’m so lucky to have so many museums at my fingertips. We get some amazing exhibits here, and there is always something going on at one of the museums or galleries locally that I want to see. Even New York is only a quick few hours on the train from DC and all the shows at the museums and galleries there are easily accessible to me.

But sometimes it’s hard to make the time to do the things we say we want to do. I started doing a monthly (ish) art date with two of my friends. Anytime there’s something we want to see, we try to set a time to go together. Sort of knocks two birds out with one stone — we get to see each other and do something we all enjoy doing.

Ivory Crochet Sweater Tee

For me, art runs deep. I could go to the National Gallery of Art every day and stare at just a few paintings for hours. But when you work for yourself, every minute in your mind is something you could be doing for your business. And for me, that’s always on my mind, usually weighing on me actually. It usually takes precedent over almost everything else, and I can easily talk myself out of an afternoon at a gallery because of it.

But sometimes you need to go the extra mile. I regret not making the effort to see the Matisse show when it was at the MoMA in NYC a few years ago and that will haunt me forever. So when I heard how amazing an exhibit was in Richmond, Virginia, I knew I had to make time for it.

The exhibit was really extraordinary. It’s amazing what one person can accomplish in their lifetime if they are willing to work hard, push themselves, and push the limits of what is “normal” in their industry. Someone willing to go not only one extra mile, but 100 extra miles!

Meg Biram at VMFA

While I was in Richmond, I decided to take advantage of a different town, and bring my photographer along with me. Museums are always freezing, so I wore these boyfriend jeans and a crochet sweater tee from LOFT. Which was perfect for the AC in the museum! I’m extremely temperature sensitive, so when I’m cold, I’m miserable.

Boyfriend jeans are perfect for a lot of things I do. When I’m styling a photo shoot, crawling around on the floor on my hands and knees I definitely don’t want to be wearing anything uncomfortable. They are also just so darn easy to throw on for a multitude of casual occasions — walking the dog, working from home, going to a casual dinner — but then you can dress them up with a heel, a nice top, and a little effort into hair and makeup and you can pull off boyfriend jeans for a nicer occasion.

Meg Biram at YSL show at VMFA

Attending this particular exhibit about fashion really made me think about every piece of clothing I wear. The hands that went into making it, the creative team that went into designing it, the marketing strategy that brainstormed how to reveal it to their shoppers. It’s all a very thoughtful process.

And sometimes I get to be a part of that process.

This Friday, I’ll be hosting an event at LOFT in Dupont Circle (1611 Connecticut Avenue Washington, District Of Columbia 20009) from 3 pm to 6 pm. They are celebrating the 97 Days of Summer — summer isn’t over yet! There will be cocktails, food, music — stop by on your way home from work, come say hi, get a drink, and maybe pickup a little something for yourself.

Meg Biram at VMFA

These are a few of my fave items at loft right now:

Meg Biram / LOFT / VMFA

Photos by Emma Weiss for MegBiram.com

This post was done in partnership with LOFT. All opinions are my own.