GSD // 116 Things

GSD = Get Shit Done.

When I was designing the 2012 Mission documents at the end of 2011, I dubbed 2012 as The Year of Getting Shit Done. Why, well that’s somewhat obvious, but I wasn’t satisfied with what I accomplished in 2011, so I wanted to make sure I couldn’t look back at 2012 and feel the same way. So this year, I’m getting shit done.

Then I made two other documents to help people do a deep clean and pare down their wardrobe. I definitely wasn’t the only one feeling the need for another clean out, my like-minded BF (blogger friend) Jess of MML was too, and I like how she did it. She usually throws out 50 things, but this year decided to go for 100. I’m pretty sure I’m going to reach 200 or more, but I’ll spare you most of the “donate” items. I kind of can’t believe I still have this much stuff that I don’t wear/use, and actually still have stuff from college! Why did I buy half of this stuff, and why do I still have it!?!

When my Mr. and I moved to the DC area last March we downsized majorly! I should have taken photos of that, it would have been hundreds or probably over a thousand things! Anyway, I still feel a little overstuffed in our condo and don’t want to move a bunch of stuff again this spring.