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Owner/Creative Director of  Camille Styles, Inc.

What does a typical day look like for you?
My husband, baby and I all wake up around 6:45am. Make coffee, feed 6-month-old Phoebe, and I put on a bit of makeup and blow dry my hair (I shower at night) right away — otherwise, it may never happen! Get dressed in workout clothes (I love Lululemon) and I either head to a TRX/Pilates class or a Kor180 class, or we all go for a neighborhood walk.
Back at home, I make a pot of steel cut oats for all of us, usually topped with blueberries and almonds, then drop Phoebe off at her grandmother’s house so I have four hours of uninterrupted time to get work done. It’s amazing how I can now squeeze an entire workday into that amount of time!
I head to my home office, where my assistant editor Chanel, art director Jenn and interns Kelly and Lisa are already hard at work. The next four hours are usually a whirlwind of answering emails, sending off proposals, styling mini photo shoots, helping Chanel with DIY’s, blogging (I try to finish posts at least a couple days in advance), and meeting with the team about upcoming projects and blog posts. Sometimes I have lunch meetings, but otherwise I throw together a salad with whatever veggies and grains are in my fridge, and work right through lunch. When 2pm rolls around (usually very quickly!) I go to pickup Phoebe and afternoon is spent playing with her and running errands together. If afternoon photo shoots are happening, I’ll try to stop by for a little while, with Phoebe strapped to the front of me in her baby carrier. She happens to love photo shoots… I think I might have a little stylist on my hands!
camille styles office
What parts of your job do you love?
Almost everything. The creativity, day-to-day variety and freedom of running my own company are incredible. I love styling shoots and dreaming up new ideas to inspire our readers. I also love writing, so some of my favorite workdays are when I get to sit down at my desk and really devote a good chunk of time to writing upcoming blog posts.
What parts of your job do you dislike?
Accounting. We work with tons of different clients — media companies and brands — as well as lots of vendors — photographers, florists, caterers, etc. — and the invoicing, bill paying and taxes take up way more of my time than I’d like them to.
What things do you have to do that you didn’t realize going into your job?
The amount of time and energy that goes into sending out proposals, updating our media kit and managing our brand partnerships/ad sales. At least an hour or two a day.
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What type of calendar do you keep?
live by my iCal.
How do you plan out your calendar?
I have a few different calendars — personal, professional and blog editorial calendar — and they all sync up with iCal so they display on the same screen but in different colors. I keep a running to-do list on my calendar every single day and put a star next to the items that have to be done by the end of the workday. That way, I can always glance at my to-do list and immediately see what needs to be tackled first.
How do you attack your never-ending email? Do you have a certain strategy you use?
I use Apple’s Mail program, and both my company email (gmail) and personal email (apple) feed into the same inbox. I use the “red flag” system religiously. Any email that needs my attention, whether it needs an action item from me or still needs to be answered, gets a red flag by it. The minute I’ve completed the task, I remove the flag and then probably never look at the email again!
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How do you plan out your projects for your photography production clients, your website, and events you produce?
I keep a production calendar with all the dates for photo shoot/styling jobs — both the shoot dates, submission dates and publish dates. This helps me plan out our resources so that if a new client comes to me with a request for an April photo shoot, I can easily see what I’ve already committed to that month and if we have the available resources to take on another project.
Our team shares the editorial calendar for the blog so we can all update and change as needed. Every Monday morning, we have a content meeting to go over needs and deadlines for the coming week, as well as brainstorm ideas for blog posts and projects up to a month out.
How do you get your blog posts organized and published?
All of our contributors turn in their content a couple days before their post goes live, and Chanel or myself does any necessary formatting/editing, then schedules the post to be published.
camille styles
When you are stuck on a project, how do you get out of the rut?
I usually scour my Pinterest boards for inspiration, get lost in the rabbit hole of some of my favorite Tumblrs and sometimes even flip through my favorite cookbooks and design books for inspiration. If all else fails, I take a break and work on something else for a while, and come back to the project later. A fresh perspective can work wonders.
How do you GSD at home?
I’m a major list maker. I have lists for everything, and I can’t imagine how many balls I’d drop without them! I thrive in a clean work and living space, so I really try to keep clutter to a minimum. One habit that I live by is “do it now.” I try to put things away the minute I’m done using them, and if there’s a household chore that’s only going to take a few minutes, I tackle it right away instead of putting it off until later. It’s amazing how these little things help me maintain inner calm! I’m also really into sticking to a routine. I know that if I don’t work out in the morning, it probably won’t happen later … and now that I have a baby, regular naptimes, meal times and bedtimes are a pretty big deal. I’ve got to say though, once these habits and routines are established, it actually frees up time and lays the foundation for spontaneity, and I believe that every day should be full of fun and celebration!
Nuggets of advice you’ve been given that have stuck?
Take risks. Seize the day. Strive to be the very best version of yourself. Respond to all emails. Take time to enjoy. Treat others the way you’d want to be treated. Do what you love.
camille styles office


  • Dropbox. I store everything on Dropbox … it’s hard to remember how I ever lived without it! Our entire company uses it to share files, and all past and present client folders are kept here so I can access information whether I’m on my computer, iPad or iPhone. I also store my entire recipe database on Dropbox so that if I’m at the grocery store and I can’t remember exactly what ingredients go into my favorite Tikka Masala Curry, I can access the recipe then and there.
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. I share a mix of personal day-to-day stuff and business/blog updates several times daily.
  • Notes. You know the little yellow “sticky notes” on Mac products? Can’t live without ‘em. I always keep one labeled “outfits” with a list of great wardrobe ensembles that I can easily throw on when I feel like I have nothing to wear, as well as a shopping list that I can add to whenever I start to run out of something. I also keep a list called “gift ideas” so that whenever I see something and think, “That would make a perfect gift for so-and-so!” I add it to the list, and when their birthday comes around, I’ve got some great ideas at the ready.
  • iBooks and Newsstand. I download everything that I read here… I know that some people miss the feeling of a physical book or magazine in their hands, but being able to take 5 books on a trip with me (without weighing down my carry-on) more than makes up for it.
  • Newsify. This app syncs up with Google Reader, and I use it daily to keep up with all my favorite blogs.



  • iWork. (Pages, Keynote, Numbers)
  • Dropbox


  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • MacBook Pro 15” Retina Display
  • Apple 27” Monitor
  • Nikon D7000

Photos by Suzi Q