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CAROLINE GHOSN // Founder and CEO of Levo League

Levo League is the leading social network dedicated to elevating women in their careers (it offers jobs, career advice, and access to mentors like Warren Buffett and Sheryl Sandberg).

What does a typical day look like for you?

Recently, I have been trying to concentrate on maintaining some daily routines. This helps to give me the framework to focus, as well as recover, in the high-stakes world of a rapidly growing start-up.

In the mornings, I usually walk to work with my Shibu Inu, Bauer. I take that time to organize my thoughts around what I need to do for the day, and envision what a successful day will look like. I also allow my mind to wander, which can sometimes unlock creative solutions to questions I or my teammates have been facing.

On Monday mornings we have an internal meeting where everyone in the office gives input on our weekly goals.

A typical day at Levo consists of meetings and taking care of operations. Our office has a relaxed but energetic and active atmosphere and we are always brainstorming and creating new ideas and goals.

The work we do in the office is both mental and physical exertion. On Mondays and Wednesdays we have office yoga at 5pm, which helps with the recovery of these exertions. This helps everyone stay calm, focused and inspired.

What parts of your job do you love?

At the end of the day the most important aspect of my job is hearing success stories from our community (both Gen Y women and mentors) of how Levo League is providing the resources for their professional and personal success. As CEO I keep our ship running, so to speak, so when we receive the feedback that all parts are working together to successfully elevate women, I feel incredibly proud of our impact.

What things do you have to do that you didn’t realize going into your job?

There are always challenges when running a company, but the most difficult road block is the voice of doubt that can arise in my own head. I remind myself every day of the bigger picture of elevating women in their careers and try to have a growth mindset by viewing challenges as opportunities.

Caroline Ghosn - Levo League - GSD feature on

What type of calendar do you keep?

Everyone at the office uses Google Mail so that we are all on the same page and can schedule meetings with each other easily.

How do you plan out your calendar?

Our office has standing meetings on Mondays and Fridays, so I make sure to plan all external meetings around these times. It’s also important to me to have time with individual team members on my calendar on a weekly basis so that I am in tune with how our business structure is serving everyone’s efficiency.

How do tackle your to-do list?

I focus on 2 to 3 primary tasks to accomplish each day. I ask myself if a task will help further our Levo objectives and if it does, I prioritize it. If it’s something that will not move the needle on our mission, I scrap it. Time is your most valuable asset, and your biggest source of scarcity.

How do you attack your never-ending email? Do you have a certain strategy you use?

As soon as I read an email, and respond with whatever it entails, I archive it.  However, I am still looking for tools for more effective email management, so if you come across one, send it my way!

How do you plan out your content, projects, and posts for Levo League?

Our editorial team and writers are constantly developing new articles around an editorial calendar that allows our team to be 2-3 months ahead of schedule. In the same vein, we are always a few months out in our Office Hours calendar to be sure we are securing dynamic and creative men and women to engage our community. As far as our technology and overall platform goes, I work closely with our development team to make sure we are on schedule for consistent deploys and updates to our website.

How do you get your content organized and published?

Our editorial team is on top of both our internal writing and managing our contributors. Editorial calendars are key!

When you are stuck on a project, how do you get out of the rut?

When I am low on inspiration, I find that the most valuable thing I can do is take a step sideways or back to reconnect with other people, new ideas, or sometimes even myself.

How do you GSD at home (decorating, cleaning, kids, etc.)?

The weekends are my “me time” to GSD on the home front. I am working hard to allow myself to check out from email completely over the weekend and take time to enjoy friends and to sleep.

Nuggets of advice you’ve been given that have stuck?

You really can do whatever you put your mind to. Having the courage to start and commitment to put one foot in front of the other each day is 80% of the battle.

Any other information about how you GSD, please share?

I think that the number one piece of advice on how to GSD is the most simple: Find your passion and follow it! You will surprise even yourself with what you are able to accomplish. In situations where others are negative, move around them and continue on your journey, always keeping in mind that the best revenge is success.


Photos by Elizabeth Lippman

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