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Creator behind House of Earnest 
Owner of the (soon to launch) home and decor brand, Grandiflora 
Product Developer for Abercrombie & Fitch

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day is running end to end with the amount of jobs I currently manage. I wake up at around 6am, take the dog out, make coffee, and shower. Then, while my hair air-dries, I check up on my blog post for the day, review my schedule, and answer emails from my overseas factories for Grandiflora. When my hair is dry and coffee is gone, I throw in some hot rollers, get dressed, and head to my day job at Abercrombie & Fitch. At A&F I work through future designs, manage the prototypes, and help the designers to find materials they love for upcoming seasons. I usually work until around 7:30pm before heading home, cooking up some dinner with my husband, Matt, and working on my House of Earnest post for the following day.

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What parts of your work do you love?

There are so many things — I love the travel for A&F (I’m usually overseas every other month), I love creating ideas that have loomed in my head for years, and I love working with my husband on Grandiflora.

What parts of your work do you dislike?

The accounting! I’ve never taken a finance class in my life and although I understand the need and (especially with running my own business) the importance, I really hate managing all of the receipts, purchase orders and invoices.

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What things do you have to do that you didn’t realize going into starting your blog?

I was pretty new to the blog world as a whole when I started House of Earnest. I didn’t realize how diligent you have to be to reach out and interact to stay connected on the internet. Like any relationship, creating and maintaining friendships with bloggers takes a lot of effort and time — although it’s also one of the greatest blessings of this business.

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What are some interesting things people probably don’t know behind the scenes of your blog, job, and shop?

I don’t think people realize how many tries it takes to get it right. By ‘IT’ I mean a product design, a styled shoot, a blog post, a collage, whatever. I’ll place something, stand back, move it, stand back, swap it out completely, stand back and keep going in this manner. Bloggers, professional stylists, designers — nobody has one plan and sticks to it 100%. It’s about playing with the scenario, getting a feel for it, then tweaking until the outcome is perfect.

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What type of calendar do you keep?

A written one. I use the Poppin 18 month calendar (above) which let’s my years overlap — no more carrying around two planners for the month of December!

How do you plan out your calendar?

On each month-view page, I list out blog post ideas for that month.  Then as the month approaches, I use mini sticky notes to plan which date each idea will post.  The sticky notes are nice and movable for when plans change.

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How do you organize and tackle your to-do list?

It’s a two-pronged approach. For to-do lists and tasks, I am obsessed with Omnifocus (screenshot above). It’s a little pricey (and just for IOS at the moment), but I love love love it.  It tells my what order my to-do list should be done in and is great for cataloging multi-stage projects. It’s a life changer. For just remembering random things or logging webpages and URLs that I want to remember, I use Evernote. Evernote also let’s me share my notebooks of ideas, links, or files with my husband, who is my business partner.

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How do you attack your never-ending email? Do you have a certain strategy you use?

I’m pretty strict about this. Before I leave for work in the morning, I clear my inbox out. At noon, I check and whittle down again, then at night before bed, I make sure all requests are taken care of. Keeping up on it in little chunks means that it never gets out of control. Oh — and I have some pre-written responses (saved in Evernote) for certain emails that I get over and over again.

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What is your process and/or work strategy? Anything that you have found that works for you?

I give myself time limits on tasks. Emails can get daunting, but I look at the clock and say, “OK, how many can I jam out in the next 25 minutes.” For styling a blog post, I can get really wrapped up in it and spend all day when it really could be done in an hour. Telling myself that I only have until 3pm makes me stay focused and work harder.

Nuggets of advice you’ve been given that have stuck?

Gretchen Rubin said, “outer order contributes to inner calm” and I live by that. I get cranky and loose focus when my house or workspace is messy, so I keeps things organized to keep my mind clear.

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  • I definitely use the regular suspects — twitter and Instagram mostly. I don’t share any fashion on my blog, but I document a lot of outfits in Instagram!
  • Omnifocus — As I said, I am obsessed with this app. It shows me what is next on my priority list and gives me tasks that actually pertain to my geographic location as well.  So if I am near the dry cleaner and I need to pick up laundry, it will alert me. Randy Hunt (creative director for Etsy) turned me onto the app at a party and I am forever thankful!
  • Evernote — I use Evernote a lot to document where I found certain things online. I used to try and recall where a photo was from, but using Evernote’s web clipper means that I can save articles and products into folders.
  • Google Drive for iPhone — I can shoot off invoices, reference my budget, or create a quick purchase order for Grandiflora and send it right out… all from my phone.
  • Dropbox — Dropbox has saved my life so many times. Paying for the space is totally worth it. I keep all photos on there now and can access them from any crazy internet cafe I might be at in another part of the world.



  • Omnifocus for Mac — same reasons as above!
  • Photoshop
  • Dropbox


  • MacBook Air 13″
  • iPhone
  • Nikon D300s
  • Tripod
  • Remote Shutter Release (for DIYs!)
  • Bamboo (although I’m terrible at it and need some serious help)


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