GSD — Get Shit Done

This custom GSD (get shit done) Master List Notepad is part of Meg Biram’s #GSDgetshitdone method.

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It is 8.5″x11″ to fit your standard clipboard or padfolio.

The Master List is where you can unload your entire to-do list on one page each week. Get it out of your head and onto paper. This way you have one spot to organize everything you need to do each week, and you can start fresh each week.

TOP BOX: Use this space to either pick an inspiring quote or saying for the week that you want to remind yourself of every day. You can also use this space to write your most important goal for the week. Anything that you want to remind yourself of each day — this is the spot for it.

6 BOXES: Use the six boxes for different categories that you need to create to-do lists for. Some have used the boxes for days of the week, some use it for different to-do list categories.

50 pages in each notepad.

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