GSD BINDER - Keep My Projects Organized

black patent binder / light pink planning notebook / label maker

Being an entrepreneur with multiple different businesses and projects (this blog, The B Bar, my YouTube channel, ebooks, a podcast possibly in the future, photo styling and consulting clients, and more), organization is necessary. I’m not saying I’m always the most successful at staying organized — but I do my best to keep up with everything.

My old system — using one notebook for all of my notes for everything I was working on — was getting too complicated. I ended up flipping through the notebook all the time to find different information about different things and it was driving me nuts — so I decided I needed to take it to the next level.

As much as I try to do everything as digital as possible, I also like to write things out, take notes in meetings, during client calls, sketch out ideas, etc. I also love beautiful office products (who doesn’t) so it was a good way to fill up the new black binder I had recently purchased.

I had one of these light pink notebooks and LOVED it so I decided that I wanted one for each project/business I was working on. I got out my trusty label maker (I’m totally a nerd like that) and made labels for the notebooks and I keep them in a binder (which has chic black patent spine).

Having separate notebooks for each project also helps me focus on just that project while I’m working — whatever notebook I have out, that’s what I’m working on. Then I put it away and switch it out. Now, I always know where I’ve written something down. I just prefer paper to a digital folder system in this particular case.

I bought extra notebooks so I can add more when necessary or when I run out. Also all the pages are perforated so I can tear them out when I’m done and change the notebook over to a different project if needed.

Tell me — How do you organize all of your projects?

GSD BINDER - Keep My Projects Organized

GSD BINDER - Keep My Projects Organized

Photos by Meg Biram