GSD // How To Create Canned Responses in Gmail

how to create canned responses in gmail

I hope you are officially ready for your mind to be blown. If you don’t know what a canned response is, or how to do it, I’m here to show you as it has completely changed my life and saved me so much time!

What is a canned response? If you ever respond to emails with an almost identical response that you type out every time, canned response takes care of that. You can just insert your canned response and adjust the email to personalize it accordingly. I’ve got the step-by-step process here for you for how to create a canned response in Gmail.

how to create canned responses in gmailOnce you’ve saved your canned response, next time you are sending an email or replying to one, you can just go directly to that little arrow in No.6 and the flyout menu will appear. Click on canned response, and your saved canned responses will be listed.

Do you have any email tips? I’ve got a few more I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks.

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