GSD // Second Life

GSD = Get Shit Done

If you remember this post, you’d know one of my mottos this year is Get Shit Done. Part of GSD is cleaning out my closet. Getting it down to only what I wear, or things that I deem acceptable to keep. (Check out my Guide to Pare Down Your Wardrobe and just for fun my Clean Out Checklist).

Last time I did things a little differently via my blog, but I think setting up a little shop is a little more organized, so I that’s what I did (and because Storenvy is just so darn easy and free!). So check out some of my very gently worn items (in some cases I’ve never worn them!). Some of these items I love dearly, but never wear, so I’d rather pass them on to someone who will use them. Check out my little shop second life here.