Living Proof Restore Instant Protection

I’m back with a little more about my hair and the products I’m using to restore my hair back to health and help it grow. If you haven’t read about the incident and my first update please do before reading this post.

Admittedly since the incident I’ve been traveling a ton and therefore haven’t done everything I planned on doing for my hair — so I’m curious if it could be even better than it is now if I were to have been religious about everything.

In the 11 weeks since my hair incident I’ve been in NYC, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Rwanda, and Kansas City. Not a lot a time for massaging my head with oil and keeping track of taking all my hair pills. I plan to pick those things back up now that I’m home for a while.

What I have been doing is only using awesome products on my hair. I bought the Living Proof Restore Mask (and gushed about it in this post) even before I partnered with with Living Proof, but now I’ve had the opportunity to use a lot of their products and can tell you about them.

damaged hair update

Let’s just start with an unflattering hair photo that I definitely didn’t want to publish, but I’m taking one for the team here to show you the state of my hair. You can see in this photo just how short the entire top layer of my hair is. It’s frizzy and jagged and stops at my jawline or shorter.

Thank goodness the under part of my hair is in tact, otherwise I’d have really short icky hair and would have possibly considered a pixie cut. Or bought a ton of hats.

Know that I never cut layers in my hair. It’s too thin for layers, so all these “layers” you see are literally where my hair broke off.

living proof restore shampoo and conditioner

So, what am I using? Well, when a product line is literally called Restore, sign me up. Since I already loved the mask I trusted this line and dove right into using it. All of it.

First the shampoo and conditioner. I switch out the conditioner for the mask every other shower. I don’t wash my hair every single day (you know it’s bad to wash your hair every day, right?), I do about every 2-3 days, sometimes four depending on if there were any hot yoga classes involved. So the mask and conditioner are on rotation, the shampoo is every shower, but only a little shampoo.

living proof restore instant repair

After I get out of the shower, I put the Restore Instant Repair on my hair, and then I’ll air dry or blow dry my hair on low. I try to air dry as long as possible so I don’t to blow dry as much. Since it’s cold now I can’t leave with my hair too wet or I’ll be freezing. I try to shower around being able to let my hair air dry, but that doesn’t always happen.

The Restore Instant Protection I think I’ll use a lot more in the summer since it has UV protection, and once I can use hot styling tools again.

living proof serum

Besides the Restore Mask Treatment, this Satin Hair Serum is my favorite product. The other products are probably doing just as amazing things for my hair, but this product smells soooooo good, I love the packaging — it’s glass, it’s black ombré, basically me in a bottle — and frizz has always been a problem for me, and this is the instant solution.

damaged hair update

Charles my hair magician plus some amazing Living Proof products and boom, my hair looks normal. I mean, is this the same head of hair from the other photo or what!?!

Ok, we’ll wait another month or so, and then I’ll give you all another hair update. Maybe I’ll even measure my growth since the incident for ya. Also, my roots are really growing out now (haven’t seen this much virgin hair for a while) and there are a few more grays in there than there used to be (gulp). I probably won’t be getting any color any time soon so it could get scary! I might be going ombre unintentionally!

If you want to see which of the Living Proof products would be best for you, you can get a hair diagnostic on their site!


Photos by Laura Metzler

This post was done in partnership with Living Proof. All opinions are my own.