Hemingway is One!

It's his world and we're just living in it.

hemingway - meg biram dog

Hemingway’s birthday is April 1st so I thought it’d be a good time to do a little update on my fur baby! I get asked a lot about his breed. A lot of people think he’s a Jack Russell or a Beagle or both, and he is in the family. We adopted him from Homeward Trails and he was at a foster home with his brothers and sisters when we got him.

From what we know he’s a terrier/hound mix. That could obviously be a lot of different specific breeds, but that’s all the details we have. I just personally think he’s the cutest darn thing in the world. Obviously not biased at all!

He’s a quick learner and was fully potty trained within a matter of a few weeks. He loves to run around at the dog park and long walks when we let him stop and sniff anything and everything along the way. He’s now around 50 pounds! Hoping he stays right there.

I’m really wanting to get him into some sort of agility class because I think he’d love it. He loves to run and dodge things and jump over things. If you have any recommendations in the DC area, please let me know.

Hemingway puppy looking out the window.

During the day he loves to look outside. We didn’t realize floor-to-ceiling windows would be perfect for the dog, but they definitely keep him entertained. We say that he’s on “neighborhood watch” because he likes to watch everything that goes on outside. But he’s a doll and never barks because of it. The only time he barks is if we are telling him to speak, or if he hears something in the hallway he will bark just a little. So luckily he’s not annoying in that way.

When I work from home I sit at this table, and he is usually right under my feet sleeping or on his watch duty.

Meg Biram's dog Hemingway on her couch.

Our couch has taken a bit of a beating. I didn’t want to not let him on the couch because we live in such a small place I felt like that was taking too much real estate away from him. Plus it’s comfy and we like it when he sits next to us. Now I just shave my couch with this sweater comb. Sometimes we put a blanket down, but our couch is no less comfy and has otherwise held up well for being linen. The next time we buy a couch I’ll probably go for another type of fabric.

Meg Biram with her puppy Hemingway.

Because I work for myself from my office in Georgetown or from home, Hemingway (Hemi for short) is almost always with me, all day every day unless I’m going to be gone a lot or I can’t bring him with me. So he has some attachment issues. He loves me a lot. Which is awesome of course, but he’s not a big fan of being alone.

Usually on the days where I’ll be gone for longer than 3-4 hours I take him to a dog daycare. Luckily they do half-day rates if your dog is only there for 5 hours or less. Which is usually perfect — he gets to play with other dogs and it tires him out and he’s not home possibly getting himself into trouble or working himself up into a frenzy.

We have left him home a few times for 4-6 hours. A few times he’s been fine, but a few times he’s chewed something up that he would never try to chew on in front of us and that he knows he shouldn’t chew on. Pillows, tags on scarves or blankets, my beloved black slide, and my Warby Parker glasses — that one confused me. I think that after a few hours he gets lonely and just can’t help himself. Any dog experts, please chime in on this behavior.

Meg Biram's puppy Hemingway asleep on her couch.

He’s a good sleeper, and we’re those people — we let him sleep on the bed! But only on top of the duvet, never under the covers, and I’m religious about washing the sheets and the duvet. He has a bed in our room that he sleeps in about half of the time. The other half he likes to curl up in the nook of our legs or sleep between my husband and I.

In the morning he’s like a teenager and he literally won’t get out of bed. He’ll just watch us get ready like, I’m staying here. He’s a great cuddle bug in the mornings.

Puppy Hemingway on the rug.

Let’s talk about hair. Oh the hair. I don’t know if our last two dogs (pit bull/American bulldog breeds) just didn’t shed as much, or if it was because we had a 3-bedroom house and carpet and a yard they played in all the time or what, but together our two old dogs didn’t shed as much as this little guy does. We deep clean our apartment every single week, and I do a quick vacuum sesh usually once a day or every other day.

We brush him with the FURminator, which is definitely the best dog brush on the market. And we can brush him for 30 minutes and still have tons of hair coming off him. I don’t know a solution — if you have one, tell me in the comments. I literally have to use a lint roller like five times a day and I have them stashed everywhere — my office, my car, multiple in our house.

Regardless of the never-ending hair, he’s a joy. He’s smart and sweet and his personality is just funny. When I walk him around DC people just smile when they see him. He loves to be pet by just about anyone, but even more loves to stop and sniff other dogs. For a puppy he’s been really chill, but I do my best to get him exercise. Dogs are just happier and better when they get to run around.

Hemingway puppy on the couch.

He does funny things like leaning on the couch like this, or always likes to have a paw on me. Just gotta make sure I’m close by. He practically drags me into the dog daycare because he loves it so much, but if I try to hand him off to my intern so I can run into a store he will freak out a little. He’s getting a little better with the separation though. Now when I go in to pick up sweetgreen he’ll just sit there by the door and won’t take his eyes off me versus barking for me.

He’s a hard chewer. Has to chew on something for a few hours every day. And it has to be something really durable, so if you have recommendations, please tell me in the comments!

His favorite toys are: I personally call this one the Zig (as in zig zag); this bone; this is his absolute favorite bone that I’ve had to replace 3 times already; this ball he is obsessed with; these bones; and a Kong full of frozen peanut butter.

We had to throw this toy away because when we were gone (too long) one day he ate half of it and then threw it all up in the middle of the night of course. He loved it, but I think his jaw is too strong for it now.

Hemingway Puppy on the Couch.

Lastly, he loves to rest his head on pillows and just about anything. He posts up on the armrest of our couch to take a nap or even look out the window.

If you see us around DC, stop and say hi!

To see Hemi in action, you can watch my Instagram Story where he will make an appearance every once in a while.


Photos by Emma Weiss