Hemingway’s So Fresh

meg biram with puppy hemingway

I don’t know what happened, but I think my picky nature rubbed off on Hemingway. He’s never been one to gobble down his food the second I feed him, but after a few years he was clearly not interested in his food anymore.

puppy hemingway biram - meg biram

He is however interested in our food (although we never feed it to him) and he will stand in the kitchen while I’m cooking anything. It’s almost like he knows there is better food out there and we weren’t giving it to him.

When I would go out of town and have someone watch him, he would lose weight because he just wouldn’t eat his food. So I started having to cook chicken and rice and bring that with me because that’s all he would eat. I was a chef for my dog. Ridiculous.

meg biram walking dog hemingway

This food situation with him and the current culture of finding out all of the terrible chemicals, fillers, and junk in all types of food and beverages (for pets and humans) got me thinking more about his food. Why didn’t he like it? Our previous dogs would gobble their food up in seconds, but not Hemingway. He would just look at it, and look at me like, really mom!? You’re feeing me that? I kid you not, he is like a mini human in a dog body (I think every pet parent would say that about their pets, right?!)

freshpet pet food

So when FreshPet asked me to try their healthy, whole-ingredient food (that has to be stored in the fridge) I jumped at the chance. I needed a better solution for Hemingway because I’m not going to be a short order cook for my dog. Who has time for that!?!

freshpet pet food

hemingway biram - waiting for food

The second I cut into the Chunky Chicken & Turkey Roll, Hemingway jumped off the couch and rushed into the kitchen with his nose in the air intensely sniffing. A good sign he’d like it.

hemingway biram - pet food

puppy hemingway eating freshpet

hemingway enjoying his food

Of course, he did love the food and ate it all in one sitting which he literally never does. He usually just grazes all day when he’s hungry and then at midnight he’ll run downstairs and eat because he’s starving. So for him to eat an entire bowl of food in the middle of the day made it very clear that he loved the food.

hemingway playing ball

Not only do I feel better about giving him healthier, fresh food, but it’s easy to take it to a pet sitter’s house when I go out of town because I can just pick up a few bags or rolls on my way — no cooking! Near me I can get it at Target, the pet store, or in the refrigerated section of my local grocery store. Find out where you can find FreshPet here.

meg biram with dog hemingway


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Photos by Emma Weiss