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Last week I had no concept of the days. I had to ask my husband what day it was (it was Thursday), but I seriously had no idea. I do know that today is Monday. I never get a case of the Mondays because I love my work, and I usually work over the weekends anyway so Monday doesn’t feel that much different than any other day to me.


ONE // Well obviously I need this marbled pillow in my office (ahem look at the top of my blog…). A new addition to West Elm‘s line. I got to see a preview of their fall/holiday when I was in NYC and I can tell you that it is the best I’ve ever seen from West Elm. I’m so excited for all of it to come out!

TWO // A new take on the penny loafer, Freda Salvador created this D’Orsay Penny Loafer with Swarovski Crystals — I know! And they’re on sale right now…

THREE // I’m having a thing for vests right now. Loving this affordable Upstate Colorblock Vest.

FOUR // This gorgeous Fez Buffet is an in my dreams piece of furniture, but maybe my dreams will come true?

FIVE // Gosh I love me some DANNIJO. This Marlow necklace is a bit out of their ordinary as it’s a long pendant, but I’m loving it.