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Let me guess… you’re busy. Behind. Have a to-do list longer than your arm. We all feel the stress and pressure during the holidays. I certainly thought I had my shit together until I started working on the first issue of to & from and then whoosh — my inbox was overflowing and I couldn’t keep up (still recovering from that). No complaining — I’m overjoyed that I’m busy. What I’m getting at here is that we all have additional things on our lists because it is the holidays. It’s not every month we are purchsing 20+ gifts, preparing meals for family, planning our travel, hopping from holiday party to holiday party — not to mention trying to figure out what to wear to those holiday parties (post coming up on that later today), getting our hair touched up, nails done, and doing whatever we need to do to not feel pale in all of our holiday photos. And one last thing … sending out your holiday cards!

To me there is something so nostalgic about sending holiday cards. Even with all the e-card business I doubt I will ever go that route. For the holidays, it’s paper and stamps all the way. Lucky for you, if you ORDER YOURS TODAY from Minted, they will come by the 19th without having to pay express shipping. And get this — they’ll address them for you. Saved my hands from writing out all of those addresses! So get your stamps ready and you can get them in the mail by the 20th!

minted addressed my holiday cards

Learn more about how Minted can address your envelopes here.

gold striped tape

After I licked a few dozen envelopes I got wise and pulled out my washi tape. Waaaayyyy better than licking. I don’t think I’ll ever be licking envelopes again.


Holiday messes don’t seem like messes to me. Tack on the word “holiday” and it’s just fun. So to GSD tonight, put on a little Michael Bublé, make some hot cocoa, and order your holiday cards from Minted and call it a night. I actually just ordered some photo calendars (also from Minted) that I make for my parents every year. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

This post was sponsored by Minted. All opinions are my own.

Photos by Meg Biram